Get Women On Vacation Without Much Effort

If you want to learn how to get women on vacation, it’s actually easier than trying to get women under normal circumstances, but only on one condition:

You need to have the balls to at least start a conversation to get women, and if you don’t? You’re screwed. Why? I’ll tell you why…

If you want to get women on vacation, then know that whenever women go on vacation (same goes for men by the way), they have a no halds barred mentality. A “f*ck it! Let’s make the most of this” mindset. That usually results into lots of drinking, partying, tanning on the beach, and sex.

I’ve experienced it myself countless times, have heard the stories of my male and female friends (almost all of them good seducers), and have helped a lot of guys prepare for their vacation. And one observation is quickly made: women date and sleep with guys they normally wouldn’t sleep with…

So all you need to do to get women wherever you go on vacation, is GO AND TALK TO THEM.

Trust me: 9 out of 10 times the only thing you have to do then to “get lucky” is NOT screw up. On vacation, women expect you to be all over them even more than in a club or a bar setting… and they like it too.

Now think about what would even if you’d go on vacation, wanting to get women, but you’re suffering from a severe case of the approach anxiety. Then vacation will be torture for you (I’ve been there). And normally, women are bummed out about you not talking to them when they’re trying to give you hints… but on vacation? You’re a weirdo if you don’t act on their hints.

In short: if you want to go on vacation mostly for the chicks, be prepared to go all-in. To suck it up, be a man, and go talk to some women… or you don’t get women.

It’s practical advice for every dating-related situation, but especially for vacations. Now let’s talk about some specific ways and things to say to get women on vacation.

Get Women On Vacation: What Do You Say?

This is a no brainer, because all you have to say to get women on vacation is…


Like I said before: starting a conversation is the most important thing to do when you want to start getting women on vacation, because they’re already in such a party mood that it’s hard to mess things up.

Speaking of talking versus doing when you’re on vacation: it’s always better to take action, even if women don’t expect it than to talk.

I mean, sure, playful teasing, being dominant, being picky, and all that work to create attraction like I’ve already explained in many of my other blog posts…

But why only talk when you can also:

1) Grab her sun lotion and tell her to turn around so you can do her back while you two are talking. Remember, it’s vacation so women’s boundaries are a loooot lower than at home.

2) Grab her drink in the club when you two are talking, put it away, grab her hand, and drag her to the dance floor to dance.

3) Steal the beach towel she brought along with her. She can only get it back by giving you something in return (a kiss on the cheek, a drink, whatever… you decide!)

4) Gently grab her by her hair when you two are in the club and start kissing her? Now THAT’S how you get women on vacation.

Actions speak louder than words, especially on vacation…

In this case, the third example is all about playfully teasing her with your actions, just like when you were young and throwing sand at the girlies in the playground and what not. All the other examples are showing a woman you’re dominant with your actions, and dominance creates attraction as I’m sure you know by now 🙂

So, to recap here: if you want to get women on vacation, then do less of the bla bla and take more action. The women there will love you for it…

What About Getting Local Women?

I get lots of questions about how to get women that are locals every time the summer time comes around…

But, frankly, it’s not that different. Same game, different ball or so to speak: you still have to act, act, act… take action to get women who are locals…

The difference being that you shouldn’t come across like just another stupid, annoying little tourist. By that I mean: show respect for the place you’re visiting. How can you show respect?

Here’s how getting women who are locals is done by showing some respect:

– Learn a dozen or so words of the local language and use them
– Learn a thing or two about the country or region you’re visiting and ask them about it
– Make fun of stupid, annoying tourists together with her (so she knows you’re on her “side”)
– Ask her about the local foods and drinks and when she’ll let you taste them
– Ask her what the locals think are the best clubs, bars, and sights to see

And hey, don’t even worry about if she speaks English a little, a lot, or not at all. Because I’ve managed to get women who spoke ZERO English in Poland, Germany, Italy… you name it. Just assume they like what you’re doing will, believe it or not, go a long way.

Laugh away misunderstandings instead of getting all awkward about it and yes.. you CAN get local women, even if they don’t speak your language/English!

Get Women On Vacation: Can You Keep Them Afterwards?

To be honest with you, there’s a reason why most summer loves don’t last…

You see, women are in a party mood on vacation. You are too. So, the both of you act very differently under normal circumstances and that’s exactly why the attraction usually doesn’t last longer than the vacation (and a couple weeks afterwards at best):

The reasons for why you were attracted to her and why she was attracted to you have disappeared. People fall in love with each other’s wild side instead of who they truly are. That’s why summer loves don’t last.

I don’t see how that’s terrible news for you though, because there are some key lessons about how to get women to take away from your vacation… if only you reflect a little on your experiences afterwards.

Which lessons about getting women are they you say?

Less bla bla, more action.

More sexual aggression, less hesitation.

The more direct you are when you’re trying to get women, the better. And believe me when I tell you: don’t be surprised women will admit that they’ve never met a guy before who was so direct/upfront/straightforward with them, so… comfortable in his own skin.

Translation: “I wish more guys were like you!”

I hope you liked my thoughts on how to get women on vacation. Now it’s up to you to make your vacation be a blast! Go out here, have fun, and use my tips.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women