Introducing Kerri Zane

Today I want to introduce you to the dating tips of my friend Kerri Zane who is (in my opinion) one of the few dating coaches out there who actually knows what she’s talking about.

In case you’re wondering who Kerri Zane is: she’s a single mom, fitness junkie, a co-host of the Natural Healing and Natural Remedies show in, and she has a degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

In short: she’s a smart, outgoing gal with an interesting perspective on things.

And here are just a few samples of Kerri’s thoughts on dating for you to enjoy:

1) Cougar and cubs clubs
A “cougar”, in the context of the dating game, is an older woman that’s looking for a younger guy (called a “cub”). This article from Kerri explores why cougar and cubs clubs are slowly but surely becoming a trend and the pro’s and con’s of acting like a cougar as a somewhat older woman.

2) How women talk to guys over the phone
Kerri shares some very interesting tips for women here about what they should do when they meet a guy (especially when it’s online) and they’re about to talk to him over the phone. One of these tips is a counterintuitive one: she recommends the girls to call the guys first so they’re in control and can’t be stalked, while women all over the world have been programmed to do the exact opposite (wait for a guy to call).

3) How to avoid online dating scams
Sometimes you hear these stories on the news. Stories of a woman who met someone online, agreed to meet the guy, and who ended up getting raped for example. Or guys meeting a girl, going on a date with them, and getting robbed when they show up at the agreed upon place by an associate of the girl. To prevent online dating scams such as these, Kerri Zane gives you a bunch of tips you can follow to protect yourself.

Kerri talks about a diverse set of topics in a thought provoking, entertaining way. That’s exactly why I like her advice. So go check it out already!

And while you’re there, why not leave a comment on one of her articles dude? I’m sure she will appreciate it.

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