Online Dating Profile Help: Meeting Girls Online Made Easy…

Fun fact: Millions of guys try meeting girls online everyday, but they all need some online dating profile help because they don’t have a CLUE about what to do!

In all the time I’ve been meeting and dating women on the internet via around 11 different, social networking sites, I’ve discovered an amazing secret that seems so obvious but eludes so many of us.

You see, 99% of the men online use only ONE THIRD of the full potential of their profiles, while the remaining two thirds only SERIOUSLY INJURE the chances of them ever achieving success. Like I said: they need freaking dating profile help! And that’s when they’re knowing what they’re doing with that one third of potential, or things are sure to get even WORSE for them (how does RUINING your chances online forever and ever sound?)

Why Do Most Men Need Online Dating Profile Help? Why Could YOU Need It?

It’s NOT using all the areas of your profile for dating that are available to you, because you either:
– DON’T know they EXIST, or:
– DON’T know how to USE them

On social network sites like MySpace, there are EIGHT profile areas (and them I’m grouping some into one BIG area) you can use to MULTIPLY the amount of women who will message YOU first, and to MAXIMIZE the effect of the messages you reply to so you’ll have more women eagerly awaiting your reply than you can handle.

And the brutal truth is: the vast majority of males who’re doing their best with meeting girls online are only using THREE of these profile areas and, if they DO know about other profile areas, they DON’T know how to use them to create attraction. These guys all need some profile help, but…

But do you really understand what this means?

It means that the majority of their and maybe YOUR profile (2/3 or 66%) is WASTED SPACE and if the other three areas are well done (and they almost never are), the huge amounts of wasted space will SABOTAGE their attempts at meeting women. I highly recommend you check out the profiles of other MEN after reading this, just so you’ll see how much they SUCK (so you’ll know how much women you can meet when you do it right because other men don’t stand a chance against your profile).

And it means that you, IF you know what these profile areas are and how to insanely improve them so not even a tenth of an inch of space on your profile is wasted because EVERYTHING is designed to create attraction, that you’ll have an unfair advantage over every single rival for as long as you keep your profile up there! Let alone the effects on the number of messages you’ll receive (think a TENFOLD increase in very interested responses from women)

Let’s dig in:

Help Dating Profiles Seriously BOOST The Number Of Conversations With Hot Women You’ll Have Online A.S.A.P.

1. Photos
She’ll look at your photos FIRST, because a picture will tell her so much more then just some it tells her if you’re cute or not. You can use them to let her know: she has competition (photos of you & other women), that you are a REAL guy and not some guy who’s trying to be smooth (photos of you & family or friends), that you have a sense of class & style (your wardrobe and the people you hang out with on your photos, etc.), and more…see my other topic in this board for some more world-class tips.

Things to do
– Show her you’re a desirable man with options, who she’ll have to fight for and who’s comfortable around women: include 2 photos of you hanging out with cute women
– Don’t try to be mister smooth and show women you’re a real person, a people’s person: include a photo of you and family, and 1 of you and friends
– Make her desire to join your exciting life: include some photos of you on vacation, traveling, or in beautiful settings (sunset, in front of a waterfall, etc.)
– Smile, once upon a time there was this little research project where women were given photos of two guys, one smiling and the other with a straight face, and asked which one was more attractive…guess what? The smiling bald guy won from the straight faced guy that still had hair

2. Descriptions
The area where you can talk freely about yourself, women watch HOW you talk about closely to find out who you are: it shows them if you’re confident, if you’re exciting or just some boring guy, if you’re attractive or a total wussy, or a needy guy, etc. From your descriptions she can tell whether or not you have standards and an exciting life she would like to join.

Things to do
– Don’t be boring…and use humor in your descriptions, use some emoticons (those 😛 and (A) and 🙂 thingies, as they add EMOTIONAL impact, hence the name) and EMPHASIZE some words to again give everything you say more IMPACT. It’s the best dating profile help I can give!
– Tell about crazy experiences, wild adventures or your greatest passions and talk about it VIVIDLY: no I went to A, B and C but sensory details (how the setting smelled, sounded, felt, the colors and shapes) and emotional drama (how did you feel: anxious, happy, sad, enthusiastic, delighted, in love, etc.). Why? Because it lets her imagine it like she’s there herself, which makes it compelling to talk to you more..because you tell such great stories

This is the area where a woman can see how OTHER people talk about you, which tells her if you’re a social guy who’s comfortable around women (and not some nervous introvert), whether she has competition (making her jealous and want to fight for you), if you have fun and an exciting life and so forth.

Things to do
– Women receive 30-50 messages from men PER DAY, but only a handful of comments per week, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment and see what happens, because you’ll stand out MUCH faster and standing out online among millions of competitors is half the victory Mr. Reader
– Let other women happily chat away in your comment area and do the same in theirs: it lets other women know they have competition and that you’re a desirable man..(and I don’t have to tell you how jealousy can rush things ahead because she just HAS to have you all to herself, do I?)

4. More Online Dating Profile Help Is On The Way: Interests
What you like and dislike, it’s the standard yes/no kinda questions on your profile, which she’ll have a look at to see if you have things in common. But there are cool things you can do with interests to create massive amounts of curiosity and attraction.

Things to do
Don’t be a good boy and fill in everything with boring crap, use humor like this:
– Hobbies: baseball, going out, crocodile wrestling, movies.

I call this technique the odd one out (remember that childhood game?), and you can use it to make her laugh, to be outrageous or even slight naughty (Hobbies: working out, mountainbiking, posing for the Playgirl)

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5. Groups
Social networks have all kinds of groups (like the Asian Corner group and the Latino Pride group or whatever), and being a member not only allows you to talk to a woman easier (by talking about a common interest – the group you two are in) and there are many other ways too: forums, blogs of someone else (or yourself), etc.

Things to do
– List every single place you’ve ever gone to school or worked. This will make it a lot easier for people who have known you in the past to find you on Facebook or MySpace etc. Also, when class reunions come up, you’ll be invited! It’s also easy to look for women who went there and easily start a conversation about it because you have something in common (it’s meeting women in college, AFTER college now you’re don’t have to deal with puberty anymore)
– Join groups of your hobbies, likes, passions and activities, because having fun conversations with women who SHARE your passions is so easy, a baby could do it

6. Even More Dating Profile Helping: Friends
Friends can tell a lot about a guy: how open minded he is (does the NYC guy only know New Yorkers or other people too? do you have black, latino or whatever nationality friends too?) and being open minded equals spontaneity, which women love. If you have female friends you can use that to let a woman know you have options, to create jealousy, competition, and there’s lots more!

Things to do
– Let them know you’re a confident, open minded and desirable man…and have some female friends to create jealousy, have friends from all walks of life to show that you’ve been to places and are a REALLY social guy (this is social proof: that you have a life of your own and that you’re comfortable around other people, and women)
– The girl you sent a message has female friends you probably wouldn’t find on your own because they set their profiles to visible to friends only or live in the smallest towns that you didn’t even know existed, so why not message them too? Her male friends (and yours too) also know women you won’t find that easily, why not message them too?

7. Media
Sure you can put music or videos of Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, bloody violence and death metal bands on your profile, but the fact of the matter is: that’s not what compells most women to find out more about you. Outrageous videos do attract women however, funny videos do too, r&b music does that as well, and so forth.

Things to do
Show a hottie that you’re a trendy guy who stays current, that you know what women like and that you have good taste, and include some r&b, soul or nice & slow pop on your profile playlist. Why? Because women love a trendsetter, and a man who knows what they like.

8. Design
Women like a man with a sense of style, with good taste..and a profile that looks better than just plain black & white simply compells women LESS than a profile with a cool background, a nice design, etc.

Things to do
Use contrasting colors to make sure women can read EVERYTHING you have to say (plus, don’t overdo the happy happy factor with bright yellow OR the I’m as despressed as people can get look with grey and black)

And hey, if you want some online dating profile examples? Then check out my blog post with 17 of the best online dating profile examples you’ll ever find on the internet for free.

Wew! This is about alllll the online dating profile help I can give you man. It’s now up to you: will you start using these tips for meeting women online, or will you neglect your profile and meet less women online because of it? The choice is yours!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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