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Techniques to attract women online. For example: while losers who DON’T read my blog will never know, you will be one of the first to know that the most important piece of your response is NOT your actual response… but the SUBJECT of your response! Find out why the subject lets you meet dozens of women online, just like I did.

How to get a woman’s phone number online: learn why women respond in 1 of 5 ways online 99% of the time and how you can use this knowledge to get phone number after phone number… after phone number from good looking, interesting women.

The reasons why the stereotypes about online dating are all MYTHS. Hell, the more of my tips you start using online? The more you will realize that meeting women online is easier AND faster than meeting women in clubs, bars, at college, at work, and even through friends.

And so much more!

Recent studies have shown that 90% of the men who try to meet women online quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. They don’t try to improve their profiles, they don’t try to experiment with what women respond to and what they ignore…

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