1000 And 1 Seduction Techniques To Get Women With

Looking for seduction techniques for your specific skill level? We separate them based on skill so you know where you are AND where you need to go!

Because don’t you just HATE it when you think you’ve stumbled upon a freaking arsenal of seduction techniques, only to find out that they’re too easy or too difficult for you?

I know how you feel buddy: although I learned the seduction techniques I use from my friends?

I did Google my but off once someone told me there were sites with techniques for seduction, but…

The problem was that ALL other sites I found promoted their techniques as the best, while NONE of them categorized their seduction techniques based on the skill level of the reader!

The result: I kept thinking I was about to learn something new, while it was just more beginner stuff I ended up finding.

Now, I’m not saying there’s something wrong with not knowing much about women/dating.

What I AM saying is that there’s a LOT wrong with all the sites I found, so you know what?

Now I have my own site with seduction techniques, I thought I’d categorize them for you based on skill level.

At first, it’ll “just” be a list of techniques for beginners, seduction techniques for advanced daters, and techniques for expert daters.

BUT… I’m planning on making these little questionaires for you soon which will allow you to find out if you should be looking at techniques for beginners… or if you’re ready for the big league: seduction techniques for expert daters.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Seduction Techniques Categorized By Skill Level

Click on one of the difficulty levels below to see all the techniques for that skill level…

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Which Seduction Techniques Are Right For You?

Here are some hints for you to help you assess which skill level you currently have…

– Beginner: these seduction techniques are for you if you’re having trouble understanding what attraction is, what women want… or if you don’t know what to do during a certain phase of meeting and dating women. The different phases are approaching, attracting, getting contact information, contacting, asking out, and dating.

– Advanced: the advanced stuff has your name written all over it if it’s not that hard for you to go from phase to phase (see above) of meeting and dating women with ANY woman. It’s also for you if you want to know how to manage dating multiple women, want to explore multiple ways of meeting women (there’s online, in bars, at work, etc.) or if you’re heavily into the “pick up artist” phenomenon and have been practising with pick up artist stuff for quite some time now.

– Expert: the expert seduction techniques are only meant for you if can honestly say you know there is no such thing as “Miss Right”, when you’ve moved beyond the “pick up artist” mindset and beyond chracter traits, when you’ve been around the block many, many times. It’s for when you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned in all areas of your life and/or if you’ve mastered multiple ways of meeting women (there’s online, in bars, at work, etc.) and are looking for a challenge.

How To Use Seduction Techniques And Skill Levels

I want to help you achieve dating success A.S.A.P, so listen up to what I’m about to say about seduction techniques…

Sure, you can try seduction techniques of each skill level and hope for the best. Why not use some beginner stuff, throw some expert in there, and put a big, red cherry (advanced technique) on top?

Why not? I mean, it’s only like trying to get your drivers license in a car that can break the sound barrier… and that’s not harder than doing it the normal way, right? WRONG!

I can tell you from experience that seduction techniques that go over your head will only confuse you instead of help you.

Confusion then leads to failure, failure to reinforced insecurities, and that leads to inaction. Being too afraid to do ANYTHING. That’s being a lot further away from home than you ought to be pal.

In short: you have to pay your dues.

Find out what your current skill level is and stick to the program: try out all the listed techniques until you can, without a shadow of a doubt, comfortable say you OWN each technique. You can pull it off without much effort.

Only then is it a good idea to move on to the next skill level. In my opinion, I can’t remind you enough of it: pay your dues, stick to your level, don’t confuse yourself with stuff that goes over your head.

See honing your skills with my seduction techniques as building a house:

It will collapse without a good foundation (beginner techniques) and there need to be strong enough walls (advanced techniques) to support the roof (expert techniques) before you can have your own place to call home.

Here’s another thought seduction techniques and skill levels:

Once you commit to mastering a skill level, don’t fill your head with garbage from other sites. I say that with all due respect, because as long as they don’t let you know what the difficulty level of a technique is?

You could end up trying to bite off more than you can chew and confuse yourself, fail because of it, and all the rest of the nightmarish scenario I described before…

So, stick to the seduction techniques of your skill level here on the Win With Women blog if you want to succeed. I promise you, you WILL succeed if you stay away from the garbage. If you pay your dues.

Side Note On Seduction Techniques And Skill Levels…

Just to set the record straight here about how I classified the various seduction techniques you’re about to discover as being of a certain skill level:

It’s an indication. Just because I say so doesn’t make seduction technique A or B an expert technique for EVERY guy on the planet.


Because some techniques come natural to certain people while they’re hard for others. For example, I’ve always had an urge to lead, so all seduction techniques that involve dominance come natural to me… while you may find them impossible to use, know what I’m saying?

So, if you want to discuss why certain seduction techniques are categorized as beginner, advanced or expert… OR… if you feel I should include specific techniques in a certain skill level?

Then feel free to contact me at mailbag ad win-with.women.com (that’s [email protected]…) and I’ll get back to you as fast as humanly possible.

I hope you liked these difficulty pages as I like to call them. Be sure to stay tuned to the Win With Women blog for even more (neatly categorized) seduction techniques!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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