What To Do On A First Date To Have Sex With Her…

This blog’s about what to do on a first date to have sex, but is that even possible? Sex on the first date? Yes it is! Let me tell you something first though.

When it comes to what to do on a first date, you need to know what to say to get a woman to come inside with you. Sounds like common sense, but as I shared in my blog post about what to say on a first date?

The difference between saying the right things and just talking to a chick is like night and day.

This is just one of the many secrets behind what to do on a first date to “get the girl,” so lets keep it moving, shall we?

You know, women have hang ups about sleeping with a guy on the first date, not because they don´t want to but because it´s socially not accepted.

They´ll be seen as SLUTS for doing that, for basically having the same sexual freedom as us men do, and they don´t want to lose their reputation or their self-respect. To some women, even kissing on the first date isn´t socially accepted.

And yet still, most guys only go to one place during a first date. Think about it: guy takes girl to nice restaurant or to the movies, and that´s it. That’s not how to have sex on the first date…

What To Do On A First Date: Location, Location, Location!

If you don’t want anything happening on the date then I highly recommend you stick to going to just one place, but if you want to know what to do on a first date to have sex?

Then listen up: make a journey of your day (or night) of the date. Go to multiple locations…

Knowing what to do on a first date to have sex is all about locations

First grab a cup of coffee or a drink somewhere, then get her dirty somewhere else by going on an active date like roller skating, beachvolleyball, basketball, whatever. Why get her dirty? Simple: asking her to come inside with you so she can freshen up is being a polite gentleman, because no woman wants to stank up the place wherever she goes.

Result: the boundary to come inside with you will be really low when you offer her the opportunity to freshen up after an active date.

This is the first MAJOR clue for knowing what to do on a first date to have sex.

Doing several things with her makes her think, in her mind, thatyou two will already be on date 2 or 3 or 4 because you did very different activities together, which makes her drop her objections for coming inside with you altogether… especially if you use the time given to you to create attraction.

After your “mini-dates” it´ll be easy to get her to come inside with you, but don´t jump on her right away (unless she makes the first move off course)… and you completely catch her off-guard because she´ll expect a guy who’ll be all over her as soon as she walks in with you. Make her feel comfortable and safe inside your place first, talk some more, kiss her, and then take her to the bed…

THAT’S what to do on a first date to have sex with the woman you’re dating!

Say you´re not too creative and can’t come up with an “active” date to get her dirty, then a much simpler way to get her to come inside with you is to recognize her objections against coming inside and using them against her:

“Promise me something: that you WON´T be a rapist and be all over me as soon as I close the door behind me when I ask you to come inside with me.  I won´t regret asking you to come inside, will I?”

So, in this case, knowing what to do on a first date boils down to countering her objections by making them your own: YOU don’t want to be raped, YOU don’t want to regret going inside with her, etc.

Another way to lower the boundary to coming inside with you is: make her get used to your place by telling her you forgot your wallet at the start of the date, letting her come inside with you and letting wait in your room as you grab your wallet. It will mean that the place already looks familiar when she comes inside with you at the end of the date.

But now you know what to do on a first date to get a woman to come inside with you, how can you go all the way without you OR her regretting it?

What To Do On A First Date: Getting Physical With Her

Let’s check out what to do on a first date to get physical once you’ve gotten a woman to come inside with you…

Use what’s called the “Triangle.”

Learn what to do on a first date with the triangle below!

It´s done like this: look from her left eye, to her right eye, then look down to her lips, only to start with her left eye again. You make a triangular shape by looking at her like this, that’s where the name comes from.

If you look at each “spot” (so her lips, left eye, or right eye) for 1 to 2 seconds, the sexual tension will go through the roof. The best time to use this is when she´s talking.


If she stops talking when you do the Triangle, then you know she´s feeling the tension and that she wants to be kissed… and all you have to do then is kiss her already!

TIME OUT… and rewind a little…

Remember when I said a good way for learning what to do on a first date to have sex is going on an “active” date with a woman? There’s another reason for that:

It allows you to get up close and personal:

– You can strike a deal about the pay off the winner of the competition gets. Example: if you score a point with basketbal you get 1 kiss, if she scores… she does. It gets her used to things becoming more and more physical during the date…

– If you think she’s cheating during the competition (and you always think that because) you can accuse her of it, and give her a slap on that booty (her ass dude) as a punishment, or you can tickle her, and more… all to get more physical with her. Be creative!

Playful teasing has something to do with getting physical as well: when you tease women and make them laugh about themselves, women will give you a little slap on the shoulder or the arm, touch your hands, or push you a way a little when they think you’re mean… make it all part of the program and sex is only a matter of time.


This isn’t a porn bible so I won’t even go there you pervert, but if you want to know more about sex techniques then I have two words for you: Kama… Sutra. The Kama Sutra is a legendary book with an amazing amount of sexual positions. I highly recommend you check it out.

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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