Barney Stinson Tips To Pick Up Chicks: Do They Really Work?

Who doesn’t know Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother: his impecable clothing style, tips to pick up chicks, and more. But do Barney Stinson tips work?

Question: did you know that you can LEARN a thing or two about how to pick up chicks from Barney Stinson? Just kidding… I’m writing this to make fun of myself… or am I? Am I being serious?

Here’s a little known secret you’ve probably never heard of before:

Most dating gurus highly recommend you study TV shows like Barney Stinson’s How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Scrubs, and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air… so you’ll learn about humor, conversational skills, and more. Hell, most dating gurus study these shows themselves!

More proof of why “studying” TV shows about players helps you pick up chicks more easily:

I first got better at picking up chicks thanks to this little show called Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Will Smith taught me a lot, indirectly. And look where I am at now in the dating game:

I give dating advice to other guys! And the start of it all was “just” a TV show.

Did that got your attention? Are you willing to listen now to what the great Barnicle, Barney Stinson, can teach you about how to pick up chicks?

If you’re answer is “HELL YEAH”, then keep reading below…

Barney Stinson Tip To Pick Up Chicks #1: Suitting Up… Works!

Stinson’s favorite sentence is “suit up!” and you’ll only find him dressed in the awesomest suits.

And you know what? It works like CRAZY when you want to pick up chicks: people don’t say you “dress to impress” for nothing!

Barney Stinson likes to suit up, and so should you! Barney Stinson is legen... wait for it... dary because of his awesome suits. Barney's always dressed to impress, but did you know you can too depending on the type of woman you want?

Your clothing style attracts certain chicks. I’ve seen this time and time again. Examples:

– Chicks from India (Hindus) and the Middle East (Muslims) give more meaning to status than others. Since suits are seen as high status, more of these chicks will be attracted to you when you wear suits. Guess that’s yet another reason to go Barney Stinson and suit up!

– Wearing hiphop, r&b, or other “urban” clothing? Latinas and darker skinned chicks will be more attracted to you. That’s not racist. Social psychology proves: you like people who are similar more than you like people who are different. These are the clothing styles latinas these type of chicks see all around them, so it’s more similar to their lifestyle.

– Obvious but overlooked: wear a shirt or sweater that has logos of certain bands or music genres on it, and more chicks who ALSO like those band or genres will be attracted to you. Again, because you share a common interest with them. Example: wearing a Slipknot shirt attracts certain chicks…

Barney Stinson Tip To Pick Up Chicks #2: Be High Energy!

Pay close attention to how Barney Stinson behaves… what do you see?

– He gives a legen… wait for it… dary amount of high fives, hell, he has different kinds of high fives
– Stinson keeps having fun even if everyone else is down or sucks, he stays awesome on his own
– He’s almost never down or NOT motivated to do something fun, hell, he motivates the others
– Barney Stinson brings a “party mood” to every single situation he’s in

This works because you remind chicks that life is all about having a good time, hell, the awesomest time ever. Chicks are attracted to guys with an exciting lifestyle, so be exciting by having almost TOO much fun. Notice how much fun Barney Stinson always has… that should be you man.

That’s where the Barney Stinson high fives, comments about what’s awesome and party mood come in.

Works especially well in clubs and bars. I can 100% guarantee that the guys who are most successful with picking up chicks in clubs and bars… are guys who go there not to pick up chicks but to have as much fun as possible!

Examples of how to be the high energy dude like Barney Stinson is:

– Stop caring about other opinions. Seriously. If you go out, who the hell cares if you act all crazy and make fun of yourself by doing the robot on the dancefloor? You’ll bring the party mood = exciting = chicks want guys with an exciting lifestyle, remember?

– Before you go out, doesn’t matter where you go, listen to your favorite music to get in the mood. Set a foot outside that door with the thought “bring it on b*tches!” instead of “blehh, just another day!”

– See someone who does or says something you like? High five the crap out of him/her! That gets them hyped up and in the mood for a party as well.

Thanks for the lesson, Barney Stinson. And one more thing my dear reader: stop being anti-awesome by complaining, being down and what not… and start going crazy and doing whatever the hell you want. Just like Stinson.

Life’s just better that way. More enjoyable.

Other awesomeness I’ve noticed about Barney Stinson that you can pick up chicks with:

Barney Stinson is the definition of awesomeness


– He doesn’t try to pick up chicks with cookie cutter stuff. He tries different stuff on every woman: he invents his own good pick up lines, and so should you

– Confidence. Seriously: if you conquer your insecurities, handle your fears, and improve your confidence? Then picking up chicks will be easy, because of your improved confidence. Chicks love highly confident men who don’t have self-doubt or feel insecure if they say A, B… or freaking Z!

Excuse me, I’m now going to study Barney Stinson’s tips to pick up chicks inside the bible uhh… I mean Bro Code.

What!? You don’t know what Barney Stinson’s Bro Code is?

Sinner! Heretic! Atheist! You should burn at the stake, you demon! Barney Stinson is your GOD. Now bow…

Just kidding. But all joking aside: there are many things you can learn from Barney Stinson, so study your TV shows dude, study… because I can share another BILLION lessons from Barney.

Would you like that?

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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P.P.S. I simply can’t end this blog post about Barney Stinson without saying that his own blog is legen… wait for it… dary!