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Looking for columns written by dating guru Dennis Miedema (that’s me)? Then this is the place where I share my most well-kept and darkest secrets!

Over the years, I’ve written 10+ columns about various subjects including why you need a risk taking mindset in the dating game in order to get results, my view on dating multiple women and the Tiger Woods situation, similarities between dating and marketing, and the list goes on and on… and on.

Below you’ll find the 3 latest Dennis Miedema columns, so I suggest you go and read them.

Success With Women: Why Trying Too Hard Makes You Fail

Success with women seems so hard to achieve for average guys. Worrying about what you’re doing too much is a sure fire way to keep your but single though!

The KEY difference in the way successful people think is that they see failure as a MAJOR part of the process of achieving success.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about women, your job, or sports here: to successful people? There is no winning without failure.

And it’s true!

Unless you plan on spending all your time under the influence of drugs or in fantasy land (or both), failure is in your destiny. Trying to minimize or avoid failure will not help you be successful.

Here’s the juicy secret: trying to be successful will not help you become successful. It will PREVENT success.

The Problem With Success With Women

You’re probably reading this because you want to be a successful man. A real man. You want results with women, right? You want the benefits that come with that: popularity, sex, confidence, envy from other people…

That’s awesome and I genuinely want to help you achieve dating success. But there are five important reasons why aiming for success because it’s success is BAD …

Dating Multiple Women After The “Tiger Woods Situation”

Dating multiple women certainly isn’t an uncommon idea for Tiger Woods, hell, the guy seemed to be dating 20 damn women at once! Bot how can you do it?

A whole lot of people got angry with Tiger Woods because of him dating multiple women. A whole lot of women became more jealous and paranoid around their men because of it… AND…

As a dating coach loads of guys ask me how to start dating multiple women, but after Tiger Woods? You can’t blame those same guys for thinking that dating multiple women has now either become impossible… OR… a lot more difficult.

Hell, you won’t believe how many single men have been asking me if dating multiple women is even possible. Possible without a psycho chick beating them up with a golf club or worse.

My opinion: YES, it’s possible.

But even BEFORE Tiger Woods single men dated multiple women all wrong. I just want to be sure that YOU won’t be one of those sad bastards that gets beat up or stalked by a crazy biatch.


First off, by letting you discover the insights of my blog post about how to please your girlfriend so you won’t …

How The CRAZY Story Ends After My Post About Dating Coaches

The CRAZY story that took place after I wrote my blog post about the Top 8 Things That Make A Great Dating Coach is finally over. Many a dating coach got angry.

Why? because I exposed the liars. And you’re about to find out how it ended…

Inside my blog post, I told you WHAT bad dating advice is and WHO is giving bad dating advice.


Because I was tired and pissed off about some dating coaches claiming that they really care about your dating success, while they don’t. Hell, they even ban your ass from their sites and coaching programs for disagreeing with them.

If you still didn’t read the blog post? Here it is:

Anyways, some dumbasses didn’t like what I said and if you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of days?

Here’s the story from A-Z:

= An unknown guy from New York City wanted to sue me for what I said. Apparently, the loser didn’t like how I was telling the truth. He didn’t like how I was protecting you from bad dating advice. He didn’t have the balls to give his real name though because he was emailing me …