Do Pheromones Work? Do Women Attracting Pheromones Exist? The Truth Revealed…

With dating gurus like Ross Jeffries and others promoting pheromones, one can’t help but wonder: do pheromones work? Join me as I investigate the latest trend in the dating game: pheromones…

In case you’re wondering: phero what? Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of pheromones:

Pheromones have evolved in all animals, to signal sex and dominance status, and are responsible for stereotypical social and sexual behavior among members of the same species.

Having said that, allow me to answer the question if pheromones do work or don’t work…

Do Pheromones Work? No. There Is No Proof!

There have been scientifical studies on women attracting pheromones and NONE of them was well-controlled… and NONE was conclusive. There is no factual proof that it works!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take you long to read stuff like…

“Have you ever felt like a good-looking, interesting woman you wanted to talk to was out of your league, so you never tried? Do you feel like you’re not worthy of having a smoking hot chick, even though she loves you to death? Then start using women attracting pheromones and your problems will melt away like snow under the sun…”

This is how rotten scam artists looking to make some quick cash try to HARD SELL guys like you and me on the MYTH that pheromones work just as well with humans… as they do with animals.

But there is no proof! And it’s stuff like this that really pisses me off, because I see other dating gurus promoting crap that hasn’t been proven… and you know what?

I have recently received emails from a company promising me big moneys, up to $70 per product sold, if I would help them sell women attracting pheromones. The actual price of pheromone products ranges from 80 to more than 100 bucks… let me repeat that… scam artists ask you to pay $80 to $100+ for garbage products THAT DO NOT WORK.

I told that little pheromone company that they can kiss my ass, go to hell, and if they can’t find their way there that I would be happy to give them directions (by kicking their …!)

And this whole situation makes me ask myself a tough question…

Why Are Gurus Promoting Pheromones That Don’t Work?

So they can make a big profit of YOUR ass dude. They don’t give a – peeeeeep – about your social success or dating success. They just want you to give them the money they need for an expensive car and home they don’t even freaking deserve!

The brutal truth is that 90% of the dating gurus you can get advice from just don’t care. They really don’t care about your problems with women, confidence or anything else. They just want your money…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one that cares. That’s why it pisses me off: people try to play mindgames with you and you don’t even know it!

I thought it was about time that I opened your eyes about pheromones and more…

Because here’s a shameful secret: you will be surprised about who have promoted these garbage products, these pheromone companies that assume you’re desperate enough to buy useless shit to make you feel better about yourself!

Below is a list of dating gurus for men who try to profiteer from you. These are the pheromone criminals or pheromonoids as I like to call them. And guess what? Most of these pheromonoids are pick up artists!

Ross Jeffries is part of the pure evil pheromone lunatics

1) Ross Jeffries (the guy on the photo… a jackass who I never liked, and I never will like the douche), but also these guys:

2) Thundercat (already thought he was a pathetic loser, now I have even more reasons as proof)
3) Johnny Wolf (heard his name once or twice, but now I have a reason to forget it ASAP)
4) Sinn (to be honest, I was not surprised because I’ve also caught him spamming various forums with fake accounts just to get links back to his site)

Now, do you really want me to continue with my list? Because I can go on for a while you know…

Makes you think twice about who to get dating advice from doesn’t it?

And I’ve told you many times before right here on the Win With Women blog: where there is one scam or major issue with a dating guru, there are always more…

– Take Thundercat (Joseph Matthews) and his fake top 10 pick up artists for example…

Screw all of you gurus! Frankly, I believe no one should pay you a damn cent for advice because you try to steal people’s money (or girlfriend) by selling stuff to them that doesn’t work.

One More Thing About Women Attracting Pheromones…

Look, Sinn, Johnny Wolf, Thundercat, Ross Jeffries (see below)?

Sinn thinks pheromones do work Johnny Wolf on your left, the guy on the right (Neil Strauss) is innocent Thundercat the pheromonoid Do pheromones work? Ross Jeffries thinks so

You’re all a bunch of assholes for promoting pheronomes because you knowingly exploit a human weakness instead of actually helping the guys who need you the most.

Which weakness am I talking about? The placebo effect off course. The place what? Wikipedia says:

A placebo (Latin: I will please)is a sham or simulated medical intervention that can produce a (perceived or actual) improvement, called a placebo effect.

In non-geeky language this means: you’re sick, you get a fake medicine but because you believe it’s real, you get better, so you buy more medicine… while believing in getting better was al you needed to do! Humans just desperately crave a quick solution for a problem they don’t understand and thus accept ANY solution that sounds pretty damn instant…

So, do pheromones work? They’re placebos with a different name dude:

You have a problem with women, you get a fake solution (pheromones) but because you believe it’s real, you get better at meeting women, so you buy more pheromones… and the whole goal of it is to let people create a profit because they made you give yourself confidence because a product. All you needed in the first place was have confidence, the believe that you can do something!

This is what our entire economy is build on: make people feel inadequate, so they try and find a solution for it, and your products so happens to be the solution for it… but it only works because people believe it does, so you make billions of dollars in profit. Hello pharmaceutical industry!

Don’t be a jackass who buys “women attracting pheromones” because hell f-ing no… is what I tell anyone who asks me if pheromones work. And hey, don’t buy garbage from dating gurus who try to steal money from you with fake solutions… or worse: try to steal you’re girlfriend when you’re not around.

I sincerely hope that I have exposed, offended and demotivated ANY dating guru who is guilty of promoting pheromone products with this blog post.. Ross Jeffries, Thundercat… all you losers.

So, do pheromones work? Does ”peacocking” by wearing ridiculous clothing that makes you look like a circus freak work without making you look like… a damn circus freak? It doesn’t freaking work!

What DOES work is improving your confidence, because women fall for nothing but your personality and charisma. They see riiiiight through everything else.

To show you one more time how ridiculous the whole idea of a “magic pill” or a “magic spray” that instantly transforms you into superwoman to women is… please allow me to share a commercial with you:

Spray more, get more… only in your dreams!

Laughing your ass off now huh? Yeah me too… because circus clothes, love potion number nines, pheromones, they’re all a bunch of garbage. What’s next: a company that tries to sell you self-growing muscles “because every woman on the planet humps your brain out if you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

Losers please. Come on man! Get real. If you really want to meet and date more women ASAP, then click here to learn more about how to improve your confidence and how to attract with your personality.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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Carlos Xuma
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P.P.S. I dare all these loser “dating gurus” (they’re not even worthy of the title) to reply to this blog post and proof me wrong with scientifical evidence of pheromones AND proof they were not out to make profits by doing pheromone stunts. If you can’t? Then sit there, be quiet, and love how I completely owned you just now.