Online Dating Profile Examples That Stink To High Heaven

These days it seems a 1000-and-1 sites can give you great online dating profile examples, but most of them aren’t so great at all! They actually HURT your success.

So, this page is all about exposing those online dating profile examples so you can TRULY start meeting more women online.

And, it’s sad really, but there a lot of mistakes other sites online dating profile examples contain. Let’s look at some specific examples below…

Online Dating Profile Examples: Forget Fill In Stories

You know those profile examples that say “yeah replace this right here with your name, that with one of your hobbies, etc.”?

Guess what? It doesn’t work. That’s a (very poor) attempt to be attractive to all women no matter what they like, but women aren’t the same so it will only work on a small amount of them at best.

What you want to be doing instead is getting online dating profile examples that show you what to do for YOUR type of woman. For example, if you like goth chicks, showing you how to use some creepy graphics as a background for your profile, which videos to put on your profile to show you’re a goth, and then describing what you would like to do on a date… with a goth chick (so talking about stuff she would love doing with a guy as a goth).

As you can see, replace this and that type crap doesn’t work if you want to attract YOUR type of woman. Sure, it may work on some desperate women who are looking for ANY man, not you specifically, but do you really want to be loved for being a man… or for being yourself?

Online Dating Profile Examples: I’m This, I’m That

Quite frankly, bragging doesn’t work. Sending a chick an entire list of your character traits comes across really weird. Just see for yourself:

I’m funny, assertive, sensitive, a deep thinker, romantic, nice, great with kids, athletic, not easily made angry, a great kisser, confident, never jealous, strong, educated…

Just admit it. If a woman would see dozens of online dating profile examples like this, she’d say “yeah right!” in seconds. Because where’s your proof dude? You’re bragging instead of showing.

It’s much better to tell a story in which certain character traits are apparent. For example, the story of how you almost got arrested when you were in college because you wanted to moon a friend but accidentally mooned a cop car. It’s funny, it’s crazy, it’s exciting… and tells a lot more about you than a list of your character contents.

Online Dating Profile Examples: Photos

Some people out there are giving you online dating profile examples with photos saying that you should go for a professional photoshoot to look your absolute best, but that never works…

Because a woman still gets to meet you face to face. And if you’re not so polished and/or looking at her from the right angle, then you’ll disappoint her expectations severely.

When it comes to photos, it’s simply the best to put multiple photos on your online dating profile and have to photos be of you taken from multiple angles, wearing multiple outfits, and in multiple sceneries. That way a woman gets a very good feel for who you are and how you look, instead of being disappointed by the “white” lies you put on your profile.

One More Thing On Online Dating Profile Examples

Don’t be satisfied with online dating profile examples that are supposed to work on every site, because no site is the same my friend.

Want to know why? No problem:

1) Social networks in general work in a different way than dating sites. For example, on most social networks you can add videos, groups, places of interest and I don’t know what else… but you can’t on dating sites.

2) Social networks: Facebook isn’t Twitter and Twitter isn’t Foursquare. Every social network has different advantages and disadvantages, so it’s really up to YOU to find out what you can and cannot do on each individual site. It’s what I did on all the social networks I’ve been on AND it’s what made me meet more women than other guys: I was willing to explore all the options.

3) There’s more than dating sites and social networks out there: there are also forums, couch surfing sites (where you can meet people from other countries and see if you can crash at your place when you visit and the other way around). And guess what? Most online dating profile examples that are “one size fits all” don’t fit at all on these kinds of sites.

The moral of the story is, simply, watch out who you get your online dating profile examples from… because most people don’t know SHIT about meeting women online.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women