Text A Girl And Get A Date: When, How, And What

If you want to text a girl and get a date out of it, then you know the when and the what and how to text a girl, so let’s see how it’s done shall we?

And no, don’t worry… it isn’t hard at all to text a girl! You just have to know some do’s and don’ts that I’ll reveal below…

When To Text A Girl

A big part of learning how to text a girl is knowing when to do it.

So, here are some do’s and don’ts for you:

– Text a girl at a time most girls are available, which is AFTER school and/or work. And that means the best time to text is usually after 4-5 PM. When you follow this simple rule, it’s way easier to get a text back.

– The only exception on the “rule” stated above is the weekend. Here, the only thing you need to remember is when most girls wake up. In essence, that means any time after 10-11 AM is a good time to text a girl.

– After you get a girl’s number, it may not be the best time to text them because they kind of expect you to call. If you don’t call, then they might consider you a bit insecure because texting is less personal and thus safer for insecure people to do than calling.

How To Text A Girl

And now you’ve got a good sense of when to text a girl, let’s check out some do’s and don’ts of how to text a girl, shall we?

– You just texted her and she doesn’t text back, what now? This is where most guys send more text messages and maybe even call a couple times, but it makes no sense at all! Think about it: if a chick is busy or even if she’s ignoring you, why would she text back if she’s still busy or ignoring you? Text her again after a couple days, but not the same day. Let her be if you don’t want to be seen as desperate

– She just texted you, what now? Don’t text a girl immediately after she texts you dude, because that comes across like you have absolutely nothing else to do then waiting for her to text. Guess how desperate that sounds like!

– How to text a girl and attract her: attraction is based on emotions. When texting girls, you only have text to create emotions with and that can lead to a lot of misunderstandings, unless you use emoticons to clearly communicate what your intent is. For example, if you’re teasing a girl with a rude comment but she doesn’t know you’re joking, then you’re in trouble boy! That’s when you use the emoticon with the tongue sticking out, so she knows you’re being playful.

– How many times do you text a girl? Lots of guys ask me this, but honestly, you text a girl until you get the job done. And if you feel it’s taking too long, then you text with other girls so you’re not “waiting” for one that isn’t interested (anymore).

What To Text A Girl

Last but not least, let’s explore what to text a girl to attract her…

There are a lot of myths about this going around, so I thought I’d give you some practical examples of how you SHOULD text a girl… and these examples usually go against one of the many myths. Just see for yourself:

– Guys chase girls, so when you turn the tables around you’re different and thus interesting for girls. You can easily “reverse roles” by showing indifference when other guys show interest. For example, if she tells you a story then you tell her it’s boring instead of asking questions. When she wants to do something, tell her it sucks and she’d better do something else, and so on.

– Guys are impressed by a girl’s looks, so don’t be when you text a girl to stand out and get them. It’s easy to do when you tease them with their looks or tease them in general. You can tease girls by impersonating them in an exaggerated way, by making fun of their spelling errors (and pretending text language like l8er is an error), and so on.

– Girls always claim guys only want one thing (sex), so turn the tables around and claim THEY only want one thing. Every mention of a stick, ball, long object, meat, round object, hole, and so on you misinterpret as them hinting they want sex with you. Then pretend you’re mad with them by telling they shouldn’t see you like a piece of meat, that you have feelings too, etc.

If you want to, you can discover more insights on how to text girls.

I hope you like my tips on how you can text a girl and get a date 🙂

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women