Inner Game & Confidence 101: Video #2 About Rejection And More…

Hi it’s Carlos Xuma here… and in last week’s video, I talked about what improving your confidence and inner game is really all about, and what keeps you from improving in the first place. I highly recommend you click the link to video #1 below if you didn’t see it, because I’m building on what I discussed in it and taking things one step further.

During the next couple of weeks I will share with you in my videos where the fear of rejection and failure come from (knowing the cause is one step away from solving the problem), why certain character traits have created attraction since day 1 and how you can develop them, the psychology behind why bad boys are so attractive to women and how you can use it to your advantage (I’ll take my earlier article one step furhter) and much, much more…

So in short: video #2 of my inner game video series is here, and with everything I have in store for you? It’s a MUST-SEE! In it, I thoroughly discuss the fear of rejection when approaching women, and how to expand your own boundaries so you can get more out of life (and out of the women & dating part of your life).

And you know, I’ve developed the character traits that create attraction myself over the course of 5 years and have had many phone numbers, dates and even a threesome here and there to show for it… and the 80-100 guys I helped develop their traits as well have had amazing amounts of success with women.

Take Sammy for example…

– BEFORE: virgin, 20 years old, total fear of approaching women, insecure about his glasses, only had 3 dates in his life
– AFTER: definitely not a virgin anymore, 21 years old, approached a model last week and got her phone number, has been on 1 date almost every 2 weeks since last year, now has a girlfriend and STILL has the exact same pair of glasses

And if I myself, Sammy and those other 79-99 guys I helped can improve their confidence and inner game to get the success with women they want, why can’t you? Check out the videos below dude and start learning how you can pull it off too!

There are more videos about improving your inner game coming soon, so check back often to get access to the latest techniques for getting rid of your fear of approaching women, building your confidence, and more… and get ready to see why quickly getting more dates with women without much effort is a matter of boosting your confidence.

And like I said before: if you haven’t seen the first video, then make sure you do by clicking it’s video link below so you won’t miss out on TONS of valuable insights about how to build your confidence and improve your inner game.

I hope you enjoy these videos, because I spent a lot of time and energy on giving you the tips about inner game & confidence that you need inside all the videos of this video series.

~~~ The Video Links ~~~

Video #1 – What Improving Your Confidence & Inner Game Is All About:

Video #2 – Dealing With The Fear Of Rejection And More:

Check out my two dating videos by clicking on their links above.

And hey… I just want to say one more thing about rejection: what makes you so sure she rejected you? Or is she playing hard to get? There’s only one way to find out and it’s by reading my blog post entitled (surprise, surprise) is she playing hard to get: answers to the age old question.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. What you\'ve learned today is only the tip of the iceberg of what most men will never know about women and dating. And if you want to know more about how to meet women without much effort, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE Inner Game Insider.

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