Inner Game 101: Video #3 Approaching Women With A 100% Success Rate

My man! How are you doing over there?

In the last 2 videos about inner game and confidence, I discussed things like the fear of failure and rejection, why it’s so important to get your inner issues (your insecurities, limiting beliefs and so on…) handled, and why you positively, absolutely HAVE to change your comfort zone if you want to get more results with women than you are getting now.

If you haven’t seen these videos, then scroll down right away and watch both Video #1 and Video #2 by clicking their links.

They contain essential clues as to WHY you haven’t been getting the success with women you wanted so far… and how you can start achieving MASSIVE success with women & dating on a frequent basis!

As for Video #3: in it, I share a technique that has been a well-kept secret of mine for many years now and which allows me to STILL get a woman’s number… even AFTER she said “No”, turned her back on me and all kinds of otherwise painful situations.

This very technique has helped me, and a lot of the 100 guys that I helped built their confidence from A-Z, to turn the odds in my favor even if a woman seemingly was “against” me.

I’ve been using it since 2006 and it has worked wonders for me: around 40% of the women I approached and who initially rejected me, gave me their phone number the second time around. In total, it meant that 80+ % of the women I started talking to wanted to “get to know me better” (if you know what I mean.)

Imagine what your life would be like when you would be able to get the phone number of 80-100% of the women you approached and talked to… it would actually make your friends and family so green with envy that they start wondering whether you DRUG UP women to have sex with you, because your success with them is off the charts!

This third video drops a MAJOR bombshell in the rejection department and clearly proves that rejection and failure shouldn’t be taken seriously…

After which I drive my point home even further by telling you a secret about bad boys (and why they’re so attractive) that has been hidden in plain sight for your entire life.

So definitely check out Video #3, and like I said before: if you haven’t seen the first video and second video, then make sure you do by clicking their video links below so you won’t miss out on TONS of valuable insights about how to build your confidence and improve your inner game.

~~~ The Video Links ~~~

Video #1 – What Improving Your Confidence & Inner Game Is All About:

Video #2 – Dealing With The Fear Of Rejection And More:

Video #3 – Approaching Women With A 100% Success Rate:–a3g

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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