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Any guy knows approaching women is hard, but it’s only hard to start learning yet easy to master approaching. Find out why and what to do about it!

Learning how approaching women is done always starts with that much feared word, doesn’t it? The word I’m talking about is, of course, REJECTION. The fear of approaching women.

But once you learn why you’re too afraid to approach women and how you can overcome your approach anxiety, striking up conversations with women you’ve never seen before gets easy and gets easy FAST.

I can almost hear you think right now: “So how can I learn to stop being too scared to approach women then? And what are the best ways to do it? What should I say?”

My answer: keep reading below to learn more about the art of approaching women

Ways to ask a girl out

Ways to ask a girl out

I don’t know if there’s a perfect timing for anything dealing with women, least of all when to ask a girl out.

I mean, you never know what her mood will be from one minute to the next, right?

Ways to ask a girl out

Let’s face it… when you want to ask a girl out, you only have one answer you really want:

How do you ask her out so she will say YES?

We want the no-risk, guaranteed strategy that avoids any chance of rejection or failure. Now, we know that’s not possible, but we still want to avoid the embarrassment of a woman saying no.

There are typically two kinds of guys who ask this question:

Guy #1) Will ask her out eventually, and he usually figures out the timing.

It’s when he finally works his courage up.

And then there’s…

Guy #2) Will probably never find the courage to ask her out.

But instead, he hopes that if he analyzes it long enough, she will get around to asking HIM out, therefore avoiding any risk.

Guess what, Guy #2. It’ll never happen.

So if you’re a Guy #1, let’s get down to a few ways to ask a girl out …

REVEALED: Meet Women WITHOUT Getting Shot Down

Approaching and meeting women can be frustrating, especially when you get MEDIOCRE and INCONSISTENT results.

Most of the time, your chances of getting her number are unpredictable. One minute, you might think you’ve got it in the bag, only to have her flat-out reject you the next.

And the pain of getting turned down is the WORST feeling in the world. Rejection is a blow to the ego, and a lot of men experience one emotional beating after another ALL THE TIME.

But what if you could put a stop to this cycle and FINALLY get rid of that sickening feeling in your gut?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to TAKE CONTROL of your success with women instead of leaving your dating life to chance?

From my own experiences, I know what it’s like to feel POWERLESS in the presence of beautiful women.

Win With Women

Have you been frozen with fear from just thinking about approaching a woman you liked? When you tried talking to her, did your legs feel like they turned into stone?

That’s happened to me more times than I care to remember.

That same mixture of TERROR and HESITATION used to keep me from meeting and dating the women …

How To Approach A Girl You Like And Leave Your Fears Behind

Want to know how to approach a girl you like and not become paralyzed with fear at the thought of talking to her? And are you TERRIFIED of approaching girls?

Let’s find out if you’re too scared to approach a girl you like! And then let’s do something about it, so you’ll know how to approach a girl you like, and get her number too, from this day forward.

But before I show you how to approach a girl you like though, it’s time to ask tough questions about approaching girls…

– Do you feel you don’t have the courage to step up to a girl you find attractive?
– Are you confused about what to say, even if you would grow the balls to approach?
– Do you freeze, get all tongue-tied and eventually give up when you try to start a conversation?
– Are you so scared she’ll reject you, that you decide to never approach her?
– Do you feel like you can’t take any more rejection?
– Are you clueless about how to approach a girl you like?

If this is you, then I have to say: I know where you’re coming from. I was