Calling Women (A CRAZY Story!)

I’ve heard such a CRAZY story about calling women that I just HAVE TO share with you. It’s from one of the guys I coach and give dating tips to.

Meet Richard:

This is Richard

Richard is just like you and me. He’s a pretty young , average looking dude from Long Beach, USA. Last Thursday he sent me an email. He was one of dozens of guys that asked me for help with calling women.

But Richard’s story? It was tough to listen to. His last date was back in 2008! And…

Women gave him fake phone numbers all the time. Women NEVER called him back when he called. I’m not kidding: of the real phone numbers he got, ZERO women called him back.

Have you ever gotten a fake phone number from a woman yourself? And have you ever called a woman, felt excited to take her out, but she never answered the phone or called you back?

Then you know how Richard felt: frustrated with the results you get with women’s phone numbers and calling women. You’re getting more desperate by the minute. You have a hard time getting dates with women…

I Could Only Do 1 Thing…

The Calling Women and Texting Women Program wasn’t finished yet. The complete version of it will ONLY be available this Sunday July 4th 2010 on

But I felt bad for Richard.

So, I decided to let him order an incomplete copy of the Program so he could start getting more results with women as fast as possible. I have given several other guys incomplete versions of the Program because I saw they needed to improve their lives and do that FAST.

That’s just how much I care about the women and dating problems of the average guy: YOU. If I see you need help and need help fast? I’ll give it to you. That’s just who I am.

Ask anyone of my students: I am available for dating advice whenever you need me to be available.

Anyways, Richard started using the techniques of the incomplete Program last Friday. I emailed him a couple times during the last few days to see how he was doing, but he didn’t email me back.

Richard emailed me back yesterday and DAMN… I almost had a heart attack!

This Is What Richard Did With The Incomplete Program…

In 7 days he did what most regular guys can only fantasize about:

– Richard got 16 phone numbers from women (they were ALL real and every woman he called answered the phone)
– He went on 3 dates (that’s one date per 2 days!)
– He slept with 2 of his dates

I am so proud of you Richard! I really hope you’re reading this Rich. Look at how far you’ve come!

And if you’re NOT Richard and reading this: Have you ever dreamed about getting these kind of results with women?

Ever wanted to be the bad ass man you always see in the movies that all women fall in love with?

Well, guess what? Being a bad ass with getting women’s phone numbers, calling women, and texting women has now become a very REAL possibility!

You may be able to do what Richard did this Sunday the 4th of July…

Richard got 16 numbers, 3 dates, and 2 porn-like nights in 1 freaking week with an INCOMPLETE version of the Calling Women and Texting Women Program.

That’s CRAZY! Those are AWESOME levels of success with women, wouldn’t you agree?

Now I know I’m good at giving dating advice and meeting women… but do you want me to be honest?

I didn’t know I was THAT good at helping men meet more women and get more dates. WOW!

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

Listen up. Let’s be realistic here. Let’s be honest!

I’m not saying YOU will get 16 phone numbers in 7 days. You are not Richard. You are not me…

But what if you only get HALF the amount of numbers Richard got in a week? Then you’re still getting 8 phone numbers in a week! That’s more than 1 per day…

And even if you SUCK at getting women’s phone numbers and can only get 1/4th of what Richard got, then guess what? You will still be getting 4 phone numbers during 1 week…

Richard went on a date with almost 1 out of 4 women. Can you imagine how many dates YOU will have every single week, even if you only get 1/4th of Richard’s results with women?

I’m telling you…

You’ll start seeing the dating game as your friend, like I do.

No more frustration because you can’t “get the girl” when you ask for her number. No more being angry or desperate when you get a number, call, but never get a date. No more sitting at home thinking about dating women with no dates to go on.

The Calling Women and Texting Women Program will make getting phone numbers, calling women and even texting women so easy that a baby could do it.

You can get the Calling Women and Texting Women Program THIS Sunday on the 4th of July on But you have to be fast with ordering the Program…

Why Is There A Need For Speed?

I’ve stalked some of the world’s best dating coaches for WEEKS. I wanted them to give away some of their ebooks, audio programs, and DVD videos away FOR FREE to my fans and customers only.

I am all about overdelivering value to you as my way of saying “THANK YOU” for being a Win With Women fan. And this time, I’ve achieved something special for you:

30+ valuable bonuses are waiting for EVERY MAN that gets the Calling Women and Texting Women Program this Sunday, July 4. ONLY the guys who order it this Sunday will get of all this “Army of Bonuses”…

But all the dating coaches I have convinced to give you their tips for free have to pay the rent too. They need to put food on the table as well, so I can only give away the “Army of Bonuses” for a limited time:

1) The very first minute of Sunday the 4th of July the Program will go live. But these cool bonuses will be GONE FOREVER after 8 o’clock in the morning:

– Formhandle’s audio program and ebooks (owner of Fastseduction, the biggest seduction site on the planet)
– My friend Carlos Xuma’s audio program (he’s a master of alpha male psychology)

2) After 4 o’clock in the afternoon this Sunday, these bonuses will also DISAPPEAR:

– Shane Stanfield video collection about creating attraction (no one knows more about creating attraction than Shane)
– Simon Heong’s bad boy techniques (he’s an expert of why bad boys are so attractive)

3) After midnight on Sunday July 4th, 2010? ALL bonuses of the Army of Bonuses will no longer be available:

Formhandle, Shane Stanfield, Simon Heong, Brandon Rendo, Bobby Rio, Carlos Xuma…

All these 6 men will stop giving away their bonuses AFTER this Sunday, July 4. More and more of them will stop giving away their bonuses during the day…

It’s the best deal I could get to get you more dating advice for free.

That means you need to order the Calling Women and Texting Women Program this Sunday on Because if you don’t?

You will LOSE 30+ valuable bonuses that are easily worth $900+ combined…

Plus, you need to decide for yourself:

Do you want to keep getting the results with women you’re getting now?

OR… do you want to get the results with women Richard gets? The results that I get?

If you want to go from SHITTY results with women to getting 4, 8, or maybe even 16 phone numbers in 7 days that will easily become dates…

Then check out my site as soon as it’s this Sunday. Because on the blog? I will tell you EXACTLY how to order your copy of the Program.

And now it’s time for Grown Ups.

No, that does NOT mean I was being a child before this. It means I want to see the movie Grown Ups. It’s a comedy with Adam Sandler, the guy from King of Queens, Chris Rock and some other pretty familiar comedians…

In short: 1 movie containing some of the best comedians ever. How could that go wrong? A movie like that can only be 1 thing for this movie junkie: too damn funny.

I can’t wait to laugh my ass off! I also can’t wait to get more crazy stories about the effects of the Calling Women and Texting Women Program!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. Discover how to get a date with your phone all the time with the tips inside my FREE Texting Girls Newsletter. Click here now to get more tips.

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