Dating Doctors Gone Wrong: The Truth About Smooth Doc And Alpha Doc

Today’s blog is about the Dating Doctors, two Dutch dating coaches I must warn you about before you think about getting their dating advice. Why? Find out!

Now, if you’re NOT Dutch? The name Dating Doctors probably won’t sound familiar to you and won’t be of interest to you at all so you can skip this blog… but if you ARE from Holland?

Then keep reading to discover the 8 things that are wrong with the Dating Doctors.

Listen, I think it’s ESSENTIAL that I let you know what the difference is between good dating coaches and bad ones, because if you don’t know? Then here’s what will happen soon:

You will get advice that not only almost never works. No, not only that.

It will be advice that seriously HURTS your confidence and your bank account as well.

It’ll be advice that makes you feel even more frustrated with your lack of results with women. Advice which will make the dating game even more confusing for you.

And I’m willing to bet you that you do NOT want to have even LESS success with women than you’re having right now, am I right?

You know, making an example of Smooth Doc and Alpha Doc (= the Dating Doctors) is the best way for me to talk about stuff like this, because I’ve known these guys in person and have seen what they do, so I can talk about them with honesty.

This is Smooth Doc of the Dating Doctors, one of two dating coaches who like to scam people out of their money with fake advice Alpha Doc of the Dating Doctors is too afraid to put a photo of himself online, so I'm sorry I can't show you one!

Let’s see what the 8 things that are wrong with the Dating Doctors are…

Dating Doctors Gone Wrong: 500 Euro’s A Day!? WTF!

Let’s clarify that sub-headline here: if you want to be coached by the Dating Doctors for one full day, their price is “only” 500 euro’s (around $650.) That’s a whole lot of cash!

And sure, that price of 500 euro’s would be justified if we were talking about some top notch coaching that will solve every single problem with women you’ve ever had in your entire life. The only problem is: we’re definitely NOT talking about top notch coaching.

And here’s why…

I’ve coached dozens of guys during these full days of coaching and while I was helping them with THEIR specific problems? Whether that was being insecure about their weight, their baldness, their glasses, or something else?

The Dating Doctors were literally telling everyone that the solution to all their problems was: walking up to women, pretending that you’re nervous, and giving them a compliment. Yes, THAT will make your insecurities go away. Hahaha hilarious!

Don’t be so naive Dating Doctors. That does NOT solve people’s insecurities. Plus, how the hell did they get it into their heads that it’s ok to teach guys that faking ANYTHING around women is ok and won’t come back to haunt you?

Women aren’t idiots you know. Last time I checked? Women actually have a brain. Women WILL find out that you lied about your job, intentions, hobbies, and so on sooner or later.

So what those two losers (sorry: “Dating Doctors”) actually want to teach you is that lying and faking is ok, but meanwhile?

Meanwhile they know FULL WELL that they’re setting you up to fail because you won’t ever get long term success with women by using any kind of lies.

Let me ask you this, then:

Would you like to cough up 500 euro’s for a bunch of scumbags that will set you up to fail with women, who know they’re setting you up to fail, and who want to walk away with your hard earned cash nevertheless?

No? Yeah I thought so! But it gets worse…

The Dating Doctors have the balls to ask you for 500 euro’s for one lousy day of coaching, then teach you to lie to women while they know you’ll fail in the long run because of it, and then when you come back for another full day of coaching? They will teach you the EXACT same thing… and ask for another 500 euro’s!

As you can see: these vultures prey on every last cent inside your wallet. And after that? They’ll hurt your confidence by teaching you stuff that doesn’t work.

Still not convinced?

Here Are Some More Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Them:

1) If you disagree with the Dating Doctors or criticize them? Smooth Doc calls or emails all his dating coach friends and then they all come together to criticize you either in your face or on some random forum. What’s a matter boy? Can’t fight your own battles? Can’t handle some good old fashioned feedback? Weak! And oh so lame…

2) Another thing about that 500 euro’s for one day of coaching situation: I’m way better and coach guys for much lower prices. But enough with the bragging, I’m just being real with you here when I say: I ask LESS than 500 bucks for FIVE days of being coached! Plus, I help every guy I coach with HIS specific problems and not some random pick up line that forces him to lie about being nervous. Big difference huh?

3) The Dating Doctors and their cowardly friends care about their money, but not about you and your learning process. Example: last week before the teleseminar took place? They tried to stop it from happening in any way they could come up with. Instead of helping men get high quality dating tips from me, they started badmouthing me to scare people away. So, because of them a lot of guys did not learn about social circles and relationships. Those are topics they never cover by the way.

4) Same thing for the videostream of January 2010: instead of respecting me and shutting the hell up so guys could hear my tips and insights, they and their coward friends did their best to interrupt me and make it hard for people to hear me. Hey, I don’t care if those fuckers like me or not, but childish behavior like this prevented people from learning. If they truly cared about the dating success of regular guys such as yourself, they would shut the fuck up so you could learn from me… and they would have saved the drama for a face to face meeting.

5) Anyone that hides behind a fake name while giving advice to other people simply can’t be trusted. Think about it: why are they using a fake name? If they would really care about your dating success, they would say “fuck privacy” and invite you into their life with open arms. Why? Because there must be something about the life of a dating coach that makes him so successful with women. Showing you his life would mean showing you how to be successful. That’s why I openly talk about everything and they don’t: I’m the real deal, and they must not be then? They look real fake to me.

After reading all the reasons why above, you now know why the Dating Doctors suck!

In a few words, if you’re a guy from Holland looking for dating advice? You’ve been warned about the Dating Doctors. They can hurt your progress in the dating game because of all the reasons I’ve mentioned above.

And one more thing…

Smooth Doc actually had the nerve to claim that I don’t warn people about the Dating Doctors. According to him, I simply try to hate on every dating coach I can think of.

Listen up you sad little Dating Doctors you: I like dating coaches such as Carlos Xuma, Zan Perrion, Adam Lyons, AJ and Jordan Harbinger, Neil Natura, Brad Jackson, Zach Browman, Swinggcat, Debra Berndt… and the list goes on and on.

So guess what?

The reason why I hate your guts is probably because you’re trying to rip off innocent, average guys in need of helpful dating advice, not because you’re a good dating coach that I like to hate on. You’re not.

Yo Dating Doctors? Marketing tip: this is why most of your customers never come back for more.

Read my 8 reasons why you suck again and maybe you’ll understand.

And as Kanye West sings:

“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, let’s have a toast for the assholes…”

Love that song.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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