Meeting Women In Chatrooms – The Fast Start Guide

You know, when it comes to meeting women in chatrooms..I’ve had my fair share. A couple years ago, you had this new music channel over here in the Netherlands called TMF (it’s an old one now hehe) that launched together with a website that allowed people to set up a profile and chat with each other..

And those chatrooms attracted large amounts of peoples in their twenties and thirties from all over the country..and that’s where I did my “thing” when it comes to chatrooms. When I think back to those days, I can still remember how men (and women too) approach meeting women in chatrooms all wrong: they just enter some random room, for fun..

And if you want to make it EXTRA hard for yourself to meet women online, then go ahead and do the same..and don’t be surprised when you end up being this grumpy, old guy who hasn’t gotten laid in years and now he CAN’T anymore.

If you got a set of proper brains there, then there’s a shortcut roadmap to success with meeting women in chatrooms possible: go and Google for the most popular chatrooms in your country..(chances are that you already know which ones there are)..then look at the categories those chatrooms are divided into and choose one of your interest: the Movie room, Baseball know..rooms about interests, passions and hobbies that you have.

Because when you do and you enter them, and start talking to women inside one of those room that are about your interests? Then the women you’re talking to are interested in it too..


But do you know how easy it is to start a conversation about a COMMON INTEREST? The more enthusiastic about it you two are, the easier it gets. And oh yeah..with common interests I mean an interest that women COULD actually be interested you can forget about the Star Wars, Star Trek and Hobbit-like rooms okay? Stick to things like movies, celebrities, most sports, etc.

And it gets even better..why not go to a chatroom that contains dozens and dozens of women that are “your type”? Obvious example here: when you’re into asian women, go to an asian chatroom..dummy.

Also pretty self-explanatory stuff, yet almost NO ONE thinks about it!

Do yourself a favor too..don’t get all excited about any one woman, talking to her for hours, connecting with her and feeling like you’ve met your princess..

And then it turns out she lives in Hong Kong while you’re somewhere in the UK..don’t be a jackass like 99% of the men why try their luck with meeting women in chatrooms..and then FORGET the ask where she comes from early on. Unless you take pleasure in torturing yourself that is..

And then there’s getting to the next level: how do you get those digits, IM or sometimes even instant date when you’re chatting? Is it any different from “normal” messages you send on MySpace and such?

There are easy to learn tactics for sparking loads of chemistry with women in chatrooms that I, and many of my students, have proven to work..and caused women to be all over them until they actually had to click the X (close) button of their Browser..because the women kept on talking, and talking..

In fact, the vast majority of all those insanely effective tactics work DOUBLE as well when you want to increase the attraction when you’re sending messages back and forth with women..and if you want to access to an exclusive course that shows you how to meet your soulmate online step-by-step..

Then I highly recommend you get my Online Mentorship Program right now..

it’s the complete system for meeting women online and getting to talk to the most attractive, intellectual and interesting women for as long as you you can easily get the digits and go for the date

The best thing about it is that I overdelivered with this one..and even share shortcut strategies with you for how to call a woman and send her text messages that leave her wanting you CAN’T possibly screw up by sounding like a nervous little wuss on the phone and get a date in a short afternoon.

And hey, if you only came here to get more free tips on dating women online? Then no worries my friend, because then I know just the thing for you: my blog post with the 7 secret ways to date women online.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. According to Forrester Research, 97% of the men who try online dating quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. And if you want to belong to the 3% who meet women - online or offline - with no effort, because you know when to do what, then get instant access to more tips by getting your FREE Dating Insider.

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