8 Quick Tips To Get Over Approach Anxiety

Do you want to get over your approach anxiety in a matter of minutes? Then check out these 7 quick tips for overcoming approach anxiety right away!

Regular guys like you and me who aren’t so successful with women ask ourselves what approach anxiety is at an early point in life, and we keep asking ourselves…

What is approach anxiety? Where does it come from? What can you do about it? Why is it so hard to do something approach anxiety? Why are we so afraid of approaching women?

The list with doubts and questions about this anxiety go on and on, so let’s do something about it! Here’s a list with 8 quick tips for overcoming approach anxiety.

8 Quick Tips For Overcoming Approach Anxiety…

1) Let’s eliminate the root causes of approach anxiety, your fear of approaching women first. Firstly, women are human too. They poop just like we do… and it stinks too. They also have their own insecurities. For example, while we worry about glasses, weight, and height? They worry about broad thighs, thick ankles, and other weird stuff. So, they’re nothing special. They’re only human.

2) You’re reading this blog post about approach anxiety because you want to be able to approach women, aren’t you? If so, then I want to ask you something: why are you making assumptions of the outcome of things that haven’t happened yet? Can you look into the future or something? No you can’t, so there is no logical reason for you to assume that bad stuff happens when you approach women.

3) Average guys like you and me often come up with BS excuses not to approach women to justify our approach anxiety. For example, we think it’s not right to approach women with sexual intentions… because what if they find out we have those intentions? Dude! How the hell do you think your parents, their parents AND their parents met each other? Human beings are supposed to mate from a biological perspective… or we become extinct. So get over the taboos and the Hollywood and newspaper nonsense. It’s okay to be a man.

4) Another often heard excuse to justify approach anxiety with is that you don’t know what to say so you don’t approach a chick. You were trying hard to come up with something witty to say, didn’t, and then you’re mad at yourself for not approaching. But there’s no need to man! I’ve approached women with a simple “Hi”, which is more than enough if she made eye contact with you. Trust me: more women try to make eye contact than you’d think…

5) If you’re still afraid of approaching women next time you go out after reading this? Then why try to approach alone? Ask a friend for help. Approach women together, let him approach one and bring her back to you. As you can see: you don’t have to overcome approach anxiety on your own my friend.

6) Humans fear the unknown, and that includes you. Realize that you need to change your behavior to change your results, because right now? What feels comfortable for you to do (your comfort zone) isn’t getting you the girl. You need to push yourself into the learning zone, where things are not quite comfortable but you don’t panic either. They’re simply challenging. Thinking along these lines, the more you become familiar with the idea of approaching people you don’t know? The less approach anxiety you’ll feel. So approach guys, old ladies, young people, couples, everyone to get used to approaching.

7) Being afraid of approaching also has to do with not knowing how to make women like you. Better said, you have no freaking clue how to do flirting and that makes you nervous when you talk to women. So, learn about flirting to handle your anxiety.

8 ) Another way to familiarize yourself with approaching so it becomes less scary, is always having a back up. Let’s use rappers as a metaphor here. Even the best rappers like Eminem always have one or 2 lines to say they can fall back on in case they suddenly don’t know what to say during a freestyle. You should do the same: find one line you can always ask so you’re 100% sure that you’ll never NOT approach because you don’t know something to say!

One More Thing About Approach Anxiety…

If you want to get even more tips for overcoming approach anxiety, then I highly recommend you check out our approach anxiety page straight away, because it includes a full list of tips and techniques to get rid of your fears once and for all.

I hope you liked my thoughts on approach anxiety and I’ll talk to you soon!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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