Why Is She Ignoring You?

Ever wondered why she seems to intentionally ignore you? It’s like you’re not even there. She doesn’t even look at you.

It’s not that you’re ugly, but she doesn’t seem to see you. She just walks by without a glance. Eye contact isn’t connecting with her, either.

It seems as though you’re invisible. You’re left wondering…

What’s going on? Why is she cold?

The answer is …It’s got nothing to do with YOU.

Harsh, but, that’s the truth. You have to remove that belief that, just because you showed up and wanted her attention…she’ll drop whatever she’s thinking about or doing and make YOU the center of her existence.


That’s not how reality works.

If she ignores you, it could be for the following reasons…

She’s Ignoring You – Reason #1: She’s just not interested at YOU

Reality bites! You need to understand this. She’ll look at you if she’s interested and completely ignores you when she’s not.

Could be that, she already has a boyfriend or she’s just not ready to date yet. Whatever reason she has, it definitely has nothing to do with you.

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