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Do you know what flirting through text messages is and what it’s not? Do you want to learn how to flirt through text messages today? Then listen up!

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to flirt through text messages that most men will never know…

What To Text A Girl – 7 Stealth Texts To Attract Women

What To Text A Girl – 7 Stealth Texts To Attract Women

Texting women these days can be tricky…

You just don’t know what kind of response she will throw at you, and you need to know how to handle her testing. She’s always looking for a reason to poke and prod your act to see if you’re a real man with the ability to drive up her attraction – or destroy it.

In case you didn’t know, texting is a great way to drive up interest from a woman, but it’s also where most guys screw it up.

Here’s how:

  • You text too frequently: Women know that a guy who’s texting them a lot in the first few days of meeting her is probably either needy, or just doesn’t have anything else going on. This communicates your social value…
  • You text too long: Most guys write texts that are WAYYYY too many words. If you text anything that exceeds the 160 character limit, you’re looking like a try-hard…
  • You text too much of the same jokey crap: Stop being a comedian all the time and vary it up. Send her a tease, followed by an insight, followed by

How To Flirt Through Text Messages: Send Flirty Text Messages That Attract Women

Why flirt through text messages, and send flirty text messages, when you can call women? Answer: creating attraction is easy when you send flirty text messages.

Sending flirty text messages has some MAJOR advantages over calling women too!

Think about it… is a flirt through text messages the only way to meet & date women with words? Or is there more to learning to send flirty text messages?

Yes there is!

See, there are these little things called online dating and Instant Messengers (IM) like MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger as well. Getting better at creating attraction with words works three ways: you´ll get better at texting, online dating AND using IM to get numbers and to get dates.

Online dating is the one to look out for, because it allows you to meet women whenever you can´t go outside (example: you´re at work, at school, or sick or it´s too cold outside) and get their phone numbers. You can them call and text them to set up a date, so by learning how to flirt through text messages, you get more numbers AND more dates on a regular basis thanks to the internet!

Anyways, let’s take a look at …