What To Text A Girl – 7 Stealth Texts To Attract Women

What To Text A Girl – 7 Stealth Texts To Attract Women

Texting women these days can be tricky…

You just don’t know what kind of response she will throw at you, and you need to know how to handle her testing. She’s always looking for a reason to poke and prod your act to see if you’re a real man with the ability to drive up her attraction – or destroy it.

In case you didn’t know, texting is a great way to drive up interest from a woman, but it’s also where most guys screw it up.

Here’s how:

  • You text too frequently: Women know that a guy who’s texting them a lot in the first few days of meeting her is probably either needy, or just doesn’t have anything else going on. This communicates your social value…
  • You text too long: Most guys write texts that are WAYYYY too many words. If you text anything that exceeds the 160 character limit, you’re looking like a try-hard…
  • You text too much of the same jokey crap: Stop being a comedian all the time and vary it up. Send her a tease, followed by an insight, followed by your lunch choice… keep her guessing!

Let’s talk about 7 situations where you will need to text her, and how to handle each one. These 7 stealth texts will show you by example what to text a girl…

Starting with:

Stealth Text 2 – What To Text Her: The After-Text

After you meet a girl – in a bar, at a party, whatever – you need to cement yourself into her mind. Chances are, if she was attractive to you, she was attractive to other guys who talked to her that night.

No, huckleberry, you ain’t the only game in town…

You need to make sure you stand out in her mind so that she won’t wonder: “340-334-4145… Who the hell is this?”

In fact, if you’ve ever gotten a text from a girl that said “Who is this?” you know how far behind you are already. That’s one of the worst texts you can get from a girl. Period.

To stand out, you remind her with your name, something she laughed at that night, followed by a sign-off.

Here’s a great one:

“Hey, it’s Carlos – was great meeting you ‘Kittty kicker’ – 😉 Let’s reconnect this week…”

In this case, you two were joking about the story she told you about the time she accidentally kicked her sister’s cat. It’s a tease, and it’s perfect to use. Then you hint that you’ll be in touch.

Now she knows who you are, you reminded her of your confidence, and you’re perfectly setup for:

Stealth Text 2 – Text Her THIS: The Warmup Text

You gotta follow up and reconnect with her, ideally within 24-48 hours. There’s a lot of debate on this on the Internet, but take it from Uncle Carlos – you don’t want her to forget you, so act quicker. Just do it with confidence.

You want to remind her again about your connection, and get her warmed up with this:

“Hey, Kitty… How’s your week going? I know you’re missing those laughs from Saturday…”

BOOM! She’s reminded, and you even managed to squeeze in a little callback to that tease about kicking the cat. Without being obnoxious, by the way.

Be careful you don’t overdo any particular tease too many times. It’s douchey.

Right after she responds to this, you hit her with:

Stealth Text 3 – What To Text Her: The Meetup Text

Yeah, baby – it’s time to slap this one on the ass and get it moving…

After her warmup response, you’re going to go for the meetup request. You have to see if this is going to go somewhere.

This step is HUGE – because if there’s anywhere it goes weird, it’s in this call to action step.

  • If she’s into it, she’ll jump on it…
  • If she’s hesitant, you’ll sense it…
  • If she’s reluctant, you’ll KNOW it…

So send her this next:

“Going to the (name of brewery, restaurant, coffee shop, etc) tomorrow night – let’s get together!”

Then listen to her response, because it’s highly likely that she will throw out some random nonsense for you.

Just a note here: The best thing to do is to resist the urge to do too much convincing… Just plow forward with the assumption that she’s a LUNATIC if she doesn’t meet up with you.

By the way, if you believe too deeply that YOU are the one who would be lucky if SHE agrees, you gotta do some inner game work, my friend.

Stealth Text 4 – Send This Text: The Plow Forward Text

When a girl tests you by resisting, what she wants to see is sincerity in your efforts to woo her. Women don’t believe your words, they believe the meaning they get from the ATTITUDE behind the words… and your actions, of course.

Women are INTERPRETIVE creatures, which means they read into you based on the vibe you give off.

The words of this text are less important than the attitude.

So here’s a really good attitude text to plow her forward:

“Are you crazy? We’re gonna have such a great conversation & you’re stalling? You’re so cute…! What time can you meet me?”

If she insists on pushing you back and not committing (which is still highly likely), you should pick up the phone and TALK to her. Never let a girl get away with pushback. Hearing your voice will make it real. Right now you’re just words on a screen.

Don’t be a chicken-sh*t and avoid talking to her because you’re afraid to confront these things and deal with them, you dig?

Chances are high that she will give in and agree when she hears a real voice.

Next up:

Stealth Text 5 – What To Text Her: The Reminder Text

The younger the girl, the more likely she will no-show you. It’s nothing personal, she’s just playing out her mindless automatic program.

So you want to make sure she feels like complete crap if she does flake on you.

This one is a little edgy, but you can pull it off:

“Hey, I promised the sick kids at the hospital we’d be there at 7:30 to cheer them up, so you better be on time! ;-)”

If you don’t get a response to your text – no matter what you send – you still want to show up at the place you agreed.

However, you need to get a friend to be there with you in case she does flake. This way you won’t feel dumb, and you’ll be able to let it go quicker.

And if she shows, you look more socially desirable. Just introduce your friend, then bid him farewell.

You can also send a more gentle reminder like this:

“Hey girl… no flake-outs, I’ll see you tonight at 7:30… ;-)”

If she texts anything but an enthusiastic “I’ll be there” – you should call her again and go voice.

Stealth Text 6 – How To Text Her: The Running Late Text

This one is a great way to demonstrate value AND remind her of her obligation. If you think you have this girl pretty well locked in, send her this… it will drive up your value and her investment in you:

“Hey, girl… wanted to be a little early, but running a few minutes behind… See you there”

This is great for a reminder text because it shows you’re not too needy.. and if she’s got any BS to throw at you about flaking, now is when she’ll tell you.

Stealth Text 7 – What To Text A Girl: The Finisher Text

When your date is over, you want to finish up right where we started this whole thing – with a text that will cement you in her head as the man she wants.

Of course, this is assuming that you aren’t already in a position to just roll over and talk to her at the end of the night…

By the end of this one-on-one date, you better have impressed her enough to be memorable.

If you don’t know how to do it, you need to learn about Sexual Sparks – and how to push her brain into attraction for you.

With this finisher text, you’re going to be a little bit more cocky, with the purpose of making her value YOU as the prize.

Don’t be arrogant! Just be cocky & funny…

Try this 2-part text:

Part A: “OK that was probably THE best time you’ve had all year…”

Part B: “You’re kinda fun, too! 😉 Just don’t start stalking me yet…”

Let her say whatever she’s going to say, just don’t read into it too deeply. Let these texts sit with her for a good 15-20 minutes before you even THINK of replying.

Another mistake guys make is, in their eagerness to get a girl to text them back or like them, they text her back WAY too soon.

Wait at least a few minutes before responding to a girl. If you have any questions why, just remember the last time YOU texted a girl and had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for her response. That time she’s waiting, she’s thinking about you.

Driving up her attraction and desire in the process.

There you go, my friend. You’re now in a position of high value if you followed this chain to the end.

But there’s so much more you need to know to make sure you can handle any of the curve balls she throws you…

Go watch this quick video presentation –

And discover the secret to uncontrollable sexual desire…

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