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Hey guys,

As always, it’s Carlos Xuma from Win With Women here, and I’d like to share some cool sites with you…

These are some interesting dating blogs and sites for various reasons: they contain huge amounts of awesome tips, there are lots of videos there, or the blog posts are simply so damn entertaining to read.

Let’s get to it!

April Braswell’s Blog
April’s one of the top FEMALE dating coaches out there today. Why not learn about women… from a woman? If anyone claims to know more about women than women themselves (and me), they’re lying. I highly recommend you read some of her blog posts.

They’re entertaining and insightful.

Ask Dan And Jennifer
And then there’s Dan and Jennifer. After telling you that it’s probably a good idea to seek out some dating advice from a female dating coach, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that dating advice from a couple isn’t a bad idea either. Dan and Jennifer’s site has lots of question and answer-like articles and videos about numerous topics:

Sexuality, how to break up with someone, how to “keep the girl” and more… go and see for yourself!

Dating Advice From A Girl
This one seems obvious: a site that gives you dating advice from a girl, however, this chick is getting married soon and has a different perspective on things. Marriage, relationships, lots of pretty cool insights here. In my experience, if you’re 30 and over and looking for dating tips? This is the place to be.

Check it out by clicking the link below:

These 3 sites teach you a thing or two about women, dating, and relationships from a different perspective than my own one…

Which is why I’m mentioning them to you, because I want to expand your mind a little bit and give you a chance to think for yourself and think outside the box.

I’m not planning on creating Carlos clones anytime soon, so the fact that you have an opinion of your own instead of following mine is important to me 🙂

But tell me… do you know any other interesting dating blogs, articles or sites? And which ones (if any) do you HATE?

By all means: share it with us, hell, with the world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to my coffee machine to get my daily dose of cafein. It’s 10 o’clock in the morning over here and this night owl operates solely on coffee before 1 PM… need… coffee… bye!

Enjoy these sites!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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