Barney Stinson Tips And Tricks To Get Girls With

It’s time for yet another round of Barney Stinson tips to get chicks with, because frankly? You can learn so much from him that it’s insane to NOT learn from him!

In case you forgot: I’ve already shared several Barney Stinson techniques in a previous blog post, but I’ve got more Barney Stinson from where that’s coming from!

Barney Stinson Insights, Part 2

Let’s first explore how Barney thinks because that’s the most important part of his success with women.

1) Barney Stinson always experiments: the world belongs to the bold… and Barney is very bold! He is willing to try anything to get women and, although not always successful, he learns a whole lot about himself and about those women because of it. He knows way more than the rest of the How I Met Your Mother gang about women because he experiments, so start experimenting.

2) Barney only cares about what the thinks, not about what others think: most guys are afraid to approach women with sexual intentions because of what those women might think, Barney isn’t. Most people think you just can’t do certain things with and/or to other people, Stinson doesn’t. Because of that, he gets women in way more situations than others do. Start not giving a crap about other people’s opinions to and try saying and doing anything to get women and see what happens. Don’t kidnap them though.

3) Barney Stinson has his own “thang”: rain, sleep, snow, Barney runs his own show. To be more specific: Barney has his own life, interests, and hobbies in How I Met Your Mother no matter how he’s with. That’s more important than you’d think, because most guys let the lives of their girls become their lives. They start losing friend… and when the relationship goes down the drain? They’re left with nothing. Don’t be that guy.

Barney Stinson Techniques

Let’s check out some of Stinson’s most awesome and bizarre techniques and see why they work or why part of it works on How I Met Your Mother… but could just as easily work in the real world.

The one that got away may be better than the new one: so many guys look for new chicks to meet and date which takes effort and time because you have to start from scratch. That’s not the case with women from your past who had a crush on you… and I’m not only talking exes here.

Barney Stinson in one episode tried to find out which of his exes was ruining his dates with new chicks and it got me thinking: the more you learn about women, the more you realize where you messed up in the past. That one chick that liked you in high school but you didn’t realize it until recently because you wanted to learn more about women… why not contact her?

Take a couple minutes to think long and hard about which girls liked you in the past without realizing it. Contact them as fast as humanly possible!

Another technique Barney Stinson uses is relentless approaching: he simply tries to approach every cute chick he encounters no matter what he has to do or where he’s going, while most people keep on walking “because they need to get home” or “because they were supposed to meet up with friends.”

Screw that! When you see a woman who’s making eye contact, you MAKE time to meet her and you’ll meet her. If you never approach, you never date dude. It’s as simple as that. The more you approach, the less approach anxiety you will have.

Hope you liked this second dose of the “awesomest” dude on the planet, Barney Stinson.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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