Online Date Tips: What To Say To Women Online

Are you looking for online date tips to help you decide what to say to women online? Want to know what to say to attract women? This page is the place to be!

Don’t you just hate it when one website with online date tips after the other talks about do this on your profile and that on your profile, but never reveals what to say to women? I know I do…

Because let me tell you: it won’t be long before you’ll find out that an online dating profile isn’t nearly enough to “get the girl” online. You need to consistently approach women by sending them messages.

And if you want to know how to do that, then check out the online date tips I’ve prepared for you below…

Online Date Tips For Empty Profiles

Here are some tips for women with empty online dating profiles:

You: You know, there are tons of women on this site who put a whole bunch of lies and BS on their profiles and when you get to know them they’re nothing like what they say they are. So, it’s refreshing to seeing something who DOESN’T have BS on her profile. It is kinda empty though 😛

You: Let me guess: so many guys sent you lame, predictable, and boring messages that you got bummed out about this site and thought you’d remove everything on your profile so no one can say a damn thing anymore? 😛 So, in a way, you’re already playing hard to get! Hmm, I like a challenge 😛

You: what’s your secret? Because a girl who wants to share so little about herself must be hiding a loooot of skeletons in the closet 😛 or were you just too lazy to write a decent online dating profile? (A)

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Online Date Tips For Athletic Women

And by that I mean… you’re about to get tips for how to talk to athletic women on dating sites.

You: tell me… is it true what they say about athletic chicks?
She: What?
You: That they always have an ex who broke their heart, so they start working out so they can kick a man’s ass up and down any room as soon as he makes them angry? 😛

Like these tips so far? Then don’t worry, because there are more online date tips like these on the way! Just keep reading to check out more internet date tips buddy…

You: why aren’t you the sporty type! I like that, but promise me something… if we ever get to dating and you keep working out and become a female Schwarzenegger? Promise me you won’t get mad if I break up with you because I think it’s disgusting 😛

You: is it true what they say about athletic women?
She: what?
You: that you guys have so many addictions that you’re trying to make up for all of them by working out a couple hours a week? So tell me, what are your guilty pleasures 😛

Online Date Tips For Foreign Women

Here are some great ways to talk to foreign women when you’re online dating again…

You: Why aren’t we a mini-version of the United Nations! Let me guess: you’re… Spanish right? Or am I absolutely, 100% blind and stupid when I’m assuming that? Hope not 😛

And the reason why I’m giving you online dating tips like these is fairly simple: women get messages in which men suck up to them, in which men show no real interest in them (they just say they’re pretty), and so on… and when you’re teasing them with something unique?

Women will eat it up like chocolate! Check out more online date tips right away.

Hope you liked these online date tips and I’ll talk to you soon my friend,

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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