9 Quick Tips For How To Get Girls Numbers

Do you want to learn how to get girls numbers in a matter of minutes? Tired of hearing no? Then check out these 9 quick tips to get girls numbers right away!

These tips for how to get girls numbers contain both well-known and overlooked do’s and don’ts. I feel I had to look a both do’s and don’ts because the vast majority of guys on the planet know eerily little about getting girls numbers.

Anyways, let’s not waste any more time. Check out the list with tips below…

The List With Quick Tips For How To Get Girls Numbers

1) It’s funny that learning how to get girls numbers starts with understanding that it’s a numbers game figuratively speaking: there’s no way in hell 100% of the girls you ask will give their number, so let’s say 1 out of 3 does. Then you want to approach as many “threesomes” as possible, wouldn’t you agree? Use the odds to your advantage.

2) Another way to use the odds to your advantage is by never asking for girls numbers. You see, when you try to get a girl’s number by asking her for it (can I have your number?) then you have a 50% chance to hear a “NO”. So don’t ask, tell. Give me your number, let’s exchange numbers, etc.

3) You want to avoid getting fake phone numbers at all cost, so when you get ready to get girls numbers, make sure you let them write their digits down. Then put away the paper they wrote them on and tell them to give you their real number instead. Now THAT’S how to get girls numbers!

4) Another way to test if girls numbers are real and not phoney is to put their number in your phone, call them right away, and see if their phone rings or not.

5) Most men want to learn how to get girls numbers so bad that they forget about what those girls actually think during and after the exchange of contact info. Think about it: you want to date her and think you need her number for it, she gives it to you, and you’re happy because you know what’s next. But she doesn’t. Start telling her dude! When you tell her you’ll call later today/tomorrow, she will not suffer from “buyers remorse” (regretting you bought or gave something).

6) Never ever walk away the first time you hear “NO”. Are you really so naive to think that people always say what they mean in this day and age? Man, the majority of stuff women say is to test you, so STAY. She doesn’t want to give her number? You haven’t created enough attraction yet. Create more and try again.

7) Still having trouble with learning how to get girls numbers, even after you stayed? Then may be they don’t feel safe giving their number because of (desperate, idiotic) guys in their past. Doesn’t mean you should give up though. Give them a low-risk option: giving you their Facebook, Twitter or MSN/Yahoo Messenger address.

8 ) In my mind, you didn’t really get girls numbers if you call them and they never seem to answer the phone. In my mind, that’s still failure caused by mistakes. Thinking along those lines, watch out with waiting before you call them. Because the longer you wait to get a date, the harder getting it becomes. Same holds true for calling: the longer you wait, the more women will think you’re playing games or aren’t interested… neither of which are things you want women to think about. And if you really need some help with deciding when to call her, then click that link and check out some tips dude!

9) Quality over quantity my friend. It’s better to get 3 numbers in one week that all end up becoming dates… than to get 20 numbers that never become more than numbers. So, don’t rush learning how to get girls numbers or the physical act itself. Take your time with every number, because the more you do right BEFORE you get the number? The easier it is to get a date my friend!

One More Thing On How To Get Girls Numbers…

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