How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 5 Hidden Signals

Interpreting a woman should be classified as a skill you can get your PhD. in.

I’ve been working on cracking the code of women and what they say.

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So how do you know if a girl really likes you, or just wants to be friends?

Does she want to date you? Will she be attracted to you?

I’ll give you a common pattern that guys experience:

– Guy talks to a girl, maybe gets her phone number

He thinks it’s ON!

– Guy calls girl, sets a date

– If he gets the date, she flakes or backs out

– Or if she goes on the date, he pays for a meal or some kind of event, and she just gives you a kiss on the cheek at the end…

And you’ll probably never hear from her again – no text, no call.

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You might wonder if you did something wrong, or if she was just a gold digging tramp who wanted a free meal…

Or if she just said yes to be nice and polite – but wound up wasting your time.

The truth is that you can save your time and energy – and emotions – if you just pick up the signals she gives off when she likes you.

If you knew this up front, you could know right away if she’s really interested in you or if she only wants to be friends.

Let’s open her skull and take a look inside the female mind.

Here are the most common signs a girl likes you:

Signal 1: First of all, is she flirting with you – or is she just being nice?

There’s only two kinds of flirting a woman does:

Flirt type 1: Polite

Yeah this is where she appears to like you, but then when you start to make it real, she backs away faster than a hit and run on “Cops.”

You talk to her and have a great time, lots of smiles and eye contact. Then you try to set up a date and she gets all weird.

Suddenly she has a dozen appointments to color or cut her hair…

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This isn’t the flirt you’re looking for, young Skywalker.

She’s just trying to get attention and get you to express interest so she can prove she’s still got the ability to make men desire her. (This is the primary sexual power women crave most.)

You want this type of flirting:

Flirt type 2: The Real Deal

When a girl is flirting with you for real, she will do a few things differently.

First of all, she’ll find a way to touch you. You’re watching for her to put a hand on your arm or playfully smack you.

How to seduce women

This is an involuntary action every girl makes when she really wants to take her flirting to a new level. She basically wants you to know her interest in you is real.

Now… the next signal a girl really likes you is…

Signal 2: She gets closer and uses her body more seductively

Girls know that the first thing they need to do to get a guy they want is to swoop in and stake that claim.

The way she does it is with proximity and body language.

She’ll get closer to you, usually within about 18 inches or so. And she’ll make it a point that other people sense that she’s laying that claim.

She’ll also use more seductive physical signs, like playing with her hair, laughing excessively at your jokes, etc. You’ll also get a ton more eye contact from her.

By the way – the younger the girl, the more she’ll do these things, and the more obvious she will be.

Signal 3: She will work to make the conversation work

Ever have one of those conversations with a woman that feels like you’re trying to extract information from a cold-war Soviet spy?

She barely shrugs or contributes, and you feel like you’re carrying the whole conversation.

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That’s a sure fire signal that she’s not that interested. Especially if she isn’t even trying to be polite about it, which I consider to be one of the most heinous and rude things women do to guys.

Especially if you consider how hard we work up our courage just to talk to a woman.

But if a woman likes you, she’s going to put in her share of the effort. You’ll find that the conversation just flows along.

This is because instead of trying to get her to open up – which is like squeezing blood from a stone when she’s resisting you, it’s more like falling down a hill.

The subjects come easily…

She contributes her own stuff into the conversation…

The same thing applies to texting. If she consistently sends you one-word texts, she’s just not that into you.

And here’s a HUGE one –

While you’re talking to her, she should occasionally interrupt you to throw her own insights into the conversation.

You see women who aren’t into talking to you will simply not want to add anything. Her energy will be on “stand by.”

But if she’s really into it, she will be eager to put her own thoughts out there. This one is a big signal that she probably likes you.

And that leads us to the next hint that she’s interested in you:

Signal 4: She shares genuinely personal information…

Women try to maintain an edge of impersonal conversation when they’re not that into you. She will talk about everyday stuff like where she’s from, what she does for work or school, etc.

But if you want to get her feeling attraction for you – one of the most important things you must do is get her to share information that is personal. Stuff that has emotion in it.

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For example, if you’re talking about your day, you want to use the conversation as a kind of trail that you’re creating. She’s walking on this trail, so you have the power to lead her where you want to go.

You could mention that you got a call from your dad, who you haven’t heard from in a while. You might mention that you and your dad used to be pretty close, but you’ve grown apart.

This allows you to ask her about her family. See if she opens up about her relationship a little.

Maybe offers up something personal about her relationship with mom or dad.

If all she does is sympathize, or just glosses over it, she’s telling you that she’s not into any deep conversation.

(By the way, if you find that she resists giving up anything personal to you, you need to use my conversation strategies to open her up and get her attracted. Click here to check it out.)

Signal 5: She doesn’t hesitate to agree to a date when the chance comes up.

That’s right – if she’s really interested in you and attracted to you, she will jump at the chance to go out with you. Anything else is game playing.

I’ve encountered a line of thinking that I want to share with you. Mostly because it’s something I’ve seen when coaching women, too.

What happens is this:

– Boy meets girl…

– Girl seems interested

– Boy gets girl’s number

– Boy calls girl later, or texts her

– Boy gets a lame (or no) response

– Boy keeps trying, thinking that she must still want to get together… After all, they hit it off so well

– Girl keeps being halfheartedly interested, wastes boy’s time

– Boy gets disgusted and pissed that women are so back-and-forth

The principle you need to remember is: “Her actions always tell the story.”

Which means that she will always tell you exactly how she feels by how she behaves.

We all do this.

You see, if a girl likes you – she’s going to act on that feeling. She doesn’t have some kind of imaginary willpower to play hard to get by being a bitch.

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Women have lower self-image when compared to men, and if they like you – they’re going to make it happen.

Think about yourself. The last time you liked a girl, did you play a bunch of “push her away and act disinterested” games?

No, you went after her!

And that’s why you must always treat her as if her actions are the exact projection of her inner state.

We always act in accordance with what we’re thinking.

So if she isn’t getting back to you – it could be circumstance. But if she’s replying with less than an equal amount of enthusiasm, you need to keep moving on.

The girl that likes you will not hide it. She’ll go along with your plans for a date.

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It’s important NOT to ignore these signals I just gave you because they’ll clue you in on what’s really going on in that pretty head of hers. Once you know what’s what, you’ll figure out much sooner if you should push forward or start over with another girl.

But what if you could turn a girl on with nothing more than small talk?

What if you could make her feel attracted to you simply by knowing how to guide a conversation in the right direction?

Imagine being able to do this even though she’s giving you ALL the signals of disinterest – wouldn’t that be something?

Remember when I told you that I was working on decoding what women say? Well, my new course on how to talk to women explains the meaning behind her cryptic statements that throw you for a loop.

The thing is, women are always testing you (in three ways, to be exact) and you need to know how to deal with this before even approaching them.

If you want to learn how to power through a woman’s tests and attract her by the time the conversation’s over, you’ll want to click HERE to get started TODAY.




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