How To Get Laid

What most guys want to know most is how to get laid. There’s really no doubt about it.

how to get that girl

When it comes to getting laid, guys want the step-by-step blueprint to go from talking to her to getting her to come home with him.

And we don’t want the douchebag method either. You’ve probably seen articles where a douchey looking guy tells you he can get you laid.

Usually after he’s yelled “YO! Player! F***!” at you with his badly shaved face and haircut. Oh, and he’ll usually have a really ridiculous tattoo.

Well, I’m here to help you avoid that kind of advice – and get the good advice that will really help you.

So let’s tackle the big elephant in the room right off the bat…

Do you want to get laid?

Here’s the deal: A lot of guys will deny they want to get laid.


I should know – I did this all the time.

How to seduce women

I repressed my natural male sex drive when I was with women, denying to them (and myself) that I really wanted to have sex.

But after I realized that I was just fooling myself, that I was hiding my sexual needs in an attempt to appear more “politically correct,” I dropped that act.

I also realized that I acted like that in a desperate hope to appeal to what women seemed to want.

What I didn’t realize is that women SAY one thing and do another – and the only way to figure out how to get laid was to watch and see what REALLY worked with women.

So let’s jump right in with…

Get Laid Tip #1: Be attractive.

Now, I know you’re going to think, “Carlos- does that mean I have to be hot to get women???”

how to get the girls

NO. It does not mean you have to look like an underwear model or movie star.

But it does mean that you need to maximize your appearance!

Here are some things that will kill your chances of getting laid:

– Poor fashion & style

Yeah, wearing fluffy slippers and pajamas to parties might seem like an innovative way to get attention, but it’s not the way you want to go.

Just get a decent pair of shoes, some fitted jeans, a nice shirt, and maybe a fashionable jacket.

Hell, I got laid all the time just by wearing a sportcoat.

how to be attractive to girls

That’s timeless and always looks good. Even with freakin’ jeans!

– Poor grooming

Some guys like their lumberjack hipster beards. I get it.

But which is more important – YOU liking your clever beard, or HER liking it?

what attracts women

I’m sure there are some “gurus” out there that would tell you that you need to like yourself first – and sure, that’s true – but not completely accurate.

As the saying goes, do what works – not what you want to do.

And I’ll tell you right off the bat that those long scruffy beards are about as attractive to a woman as bathing in a septic tank.

Some other grooming areas are your fingernails and toenails, your haircut, your skin. You know, the basics that tell women you’re a grown-up in control of your life.

– Poor odor control

Yes, this kinda goes without saying: You need to smell good.

Smell is a primal trigger in human beings, and unless you smell good – you smell bad by default.

how to do flirting

I’m not saying you have to soak yourself in $200 cologne every night, but make sure you’re taking care of the essentials:

1) A little cologne or a tasteful aftershave. Get a woman to give you her opinion on which scents turn her on.

2) Underarms/Body – make sure you don’t smell like you’ve been working in a hot, greasy kitchen all day. Even if you do work in a kitchen.

3) Oh, and don’t forget your teeth and breath. Keep good oral hygiene.

Let’s move on to another sensitive topic:

Tip #2: Avoid the whole issue of money

It’s funny how often money comes up on a date. If you want to buy her a drink – costs money.

If you want to buy her food – more money.

Take a cab? Money.

Get in that club? Money.

But there are a lot of things you can do with her that don’t cost money. And you’ll want to use those for your first few meet-ups with a girl.

A lot of guys put them in situations where they have to spend money they don’t have, then they feel resentful of her when he has to part with his hard earned cash.

how to please your girlfriend

OR – even worse – he tries to split the cost of things with her, which just turns her right off.

Instead, avoid those situations, and try to keep it to your budget so:

1) You don’t have to feel like a Scrooge

2) She doesn’t have to think you’re a cheapskate

3) You don’t have to feel wallet-raped every time you go on a date with a girl

Just don’t make yourself LOOK like you’re trying to avoid spending money like a cheap bastard. Even if that’s what you are. (Hell, I am.)

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Don’t ask a girl to meet you at the bookstore at 9:00 on a Saturday night. That’s going to look ridiculous.

Instead, find a funky little dive bar that’s fun. Call it your hang-out, and ask her to meet you there for drinks.

Keep it on a budget without looking like a miser.

Tip #3: Stop being so effing NICE.

This is an obvious fact: The nicer you are, the less chance you’ll have with a girl.

Of course, if you’re a complete dick, you’ll also ruin your chances with a girl.

The key to getting laid is finding that middle ground where you’re challenging her a bit, but also not just insulting her.

It’s a balancing act, and it’s the key to getting a woman to really want to get you into bed. No B.S.

dating advice for guys

Tip #4: Be willing to “Dance.”

This one took me forever to grasp, but once I did, it made a HUGE difference in how well I did with women.

I used to be that guy who would refuse to dance at clubs on general principle. I would stubbornly hold my beer close to my chest, my other hand in my pocket, trying to look cool.

I’d turn my nose up in scorn at the guys that were out there, because I was so much cooler than them.

Actually, I was really just being a self-righteous turd.

And I wasn’t admitting the most important part of why I was REALLY not going out to dance:

I was afraid. Afraid of looking like a dork because I just didn’t really have a clue how to dance.

And I was also just not comfortable with myself when it came right down to it. So my refusal to dance was a statement of ME more than a condemnation of others, when it comes right down to it.

We tend to hate the things in others that highlight the fault in ourselves.

So don’t make the mistake I did. Get out there and dance.

How to make a girl want you

It’s not just advice on getting laid, it’s a great philosophy of life – like, “Smell the roses.”

There’s no lack of talent you could have on the dancefloor that I couldn’t completely blow away with my own goofy moves, trust me. And definitely nothing you couldn’t get a few lessons on and be right as rain.

And now, probably the most important tip I can give you on how to sleep with girls:

Tip #5: Know how to hold a conversation.

Look, I get how it can be for awkward guys. I used to be one of them.

I’m not being self-deprecating here to make you like me…I really sucked at talking to people when I was in my 20s.

How to talk to a girl you like

Part of my narcissism and my own dumbass lack of self confidence, but I didn’t understand even the basics of talking to people, such as:

– Ask questions. People want to know you have an interest in them.

Listen to what they have to say to you when they answer your questions.

I never fully realized how important listening was until I had a girlfriend who never even pretended to be interested in me. It was the most lonely I’ve ever been in a relationship.

I realized just how isolating it feels to have someone that’s supposed to care about you – and even SAID she cared about me – not give me the slightest hint that she really did.


I fell into a depression, thinking there was something wrong with me. Then I got mad at our relationship.

I was disillusioned about having a girlfriend at all.

Sure I was getting laid, but it was hollow and dehumanizing to bang this girl and feel like she didn’t even register that I was there.

Listening is the easiest thing in the world to do… and it seems to be the hardest, if you watch most conversations today.

People really do think listening is just waiting for your turn to speak.

The real secret to listening well is to not have to “prove yourself” to her in conversation.

If you’re not always trying to impress her, you can open yourself to hearing what she’s saying.

Look, hate to tell you this, but even if everything she’s talking about is boring you to tears, you still have to find a way to hear her.

Things to talk about with a girl

I make it a point to dig in and find something really intimate out about someone – especially if their conversation is a little on the dull side. It gives me something to do and keeps me challenged.

But most people do have something interesting going on, if only we open our ears to hear it.

The key to getting laid isn’t in tricking a girl into bed.

It’s also not about deceiving her so you can sneak your way into bed with her either.

The real secret to getting laid is to simply make yourself genuine enough that she can feel SAFE around you.

Strangely enough, this is something that most men can’t pull off – which is why there are so many guys out there not getting laid.

There’s an attitude that gets guys laid like crazy. It’s an attitude that women look for when they decide if they’re going to sleep with you.

This attitude triggers a woman’s Lust Response.

The best part is that this attitude is something that any guy can discover and use for himself. It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle – and channeling the power right into you.

If you want to discover this secret formula for yourself, go on over to:

Date out of your league…

Carlos Xuma

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