How To Get Emotional With Women Without Being a Wuss

Feelings: for guys, it’s the final frontier. Let’s admit it – as men, we’re not big on sharing our emotions.

Case in point: Ever notice how many books on self-help for men that AREN’T on the market?

Instead of taking our emotions apart, most of us would rather tinker with our cars or analyze the             socio-political themes in Watchmen.

Now I know there are exceptions to this, so if you like talking about your feelings, then props to you.


But for the vast majority of dudes out there – particularly those interested in meeting women – they’re hurting their game by not tapping into their emotional network.

Starting a conversation isn’t enough; you’ll need to actively engage her on an emotional level.

Otherwise, you might as well be STERILE. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to trigger a woman’s feelings.

And no, it doesn’t mean pretending to gush over Eat, Pray, Love just to create that spark of attraction.

First of all, it’s OK to actually hint that you like a woman. It’s a delicate rope to walk for sure; being too direct may give away the game and turn her off.

But if you’re not working towards creating sexual tension early on, there won’t be any payoff at the end. No curiosity about your true intentions means no excitement.


And no emotional investment amounts to just another sterile interaction that leads to the Friend Zone.

To create an “is he or isn’t he into me” atmosphere, you need to be funny.

It’s the quickest way to crank her emotional gears big time without being too obvious that you like her.

You probably know that laughter releases feel-good hormones into a person’s system. This means that being humorous can literally get her addicted to your presence.

Comedians have a knack for giving a hilarious opinion about the most ordinary, everyday things that other people gloss over. Notice how they love exaggerating minor annoyances (e.g. the grumpy lady who took their order, midday traffic, or that pretentions handlebar mustache-wearing guy at the local Starbucks).

Pretending to get all serious and bent out of shape is what gets people laughing. Now, I don’t advise breaking out into a full-blown routine like you’re at a comedy club.

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