Author: Carlos Xuma

Science Proves How Powerful Touch is to Women

You may think that what you say to a woman is the most important thing for turning a woman on…but it’s not.

It’s easy to get caught up in “the perfect thing to say” that’s going to sweep her right off her feet. But what if that’s not nearly as important as you think?

What if the importance of your words is dwarfed by something that will make her actually feel something?


What if the way that you physically touch her, and how often you do it, is actually way more crucial to your success?

Why Touch Matters So Much

Scientific studies from the Southern Illinois School of Medicine and McMaster University in Toronto tell us that women have TWICE the amount of nerve receptors in their skin as men, and that these receptors are more tightly-packed together.

This means that women feel touch to their skin at least 2x more than men. According to researchers it could even be as high as 10x.


With these kinds of numbers, it’s an important skill to know and master.

Especially when you first meet her, how often and how much you touch her is going to determine how

overnight seduction system

She called off her engagement for him…

My friend Scott just shared his story with me about how he discovered a strange technique to get women interested in him.

And it’s pretty riveting, to say the least.

I’ve known this guy for YEARS, and every time we’d see each other he’d complain about getting passed up for some jerk that treated women like dirt.

He couldn’t figure out for the life of him why women NEVER saw him as anything more than a “harmless friend”.

The last I heard from him, he was upset over a girl who was getting married to another guy. Scott was pretty torn up about it because he was totally into her and he KNEW her fiancé was an abusive douchebag.

how to get a girl to like you

According to him, he got the usual “You’re a nice guy, but…” speech before the woman he loved walked out of his life FOR GOOD.

Or so it seemed.

We hadn’t talked since then and I never knew what happened to him after that. Well, I ran into him again recently, and it’s like he turned into a completely DIFFERENT guy.

And it wasn’t because he got jacked like a bodybuilder or won the lottery. To be …

How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Get A Girl To Like You – How To Ask A Girl Out (Part 3 of 3)

The most important step to meeting women is knowing when AND how to ask a girl out.

Most guys go their whole lives thinking this is the most frightening part of meeting women, and that they will be rejected most of the time.

Let’s be real – if you knew you weren’t going to get rejected, would you approach and ask more girls out?

You bet your ass you would…

The truth is that if you know what you’re doing, you should almost NEVER be rejected by women.

How to get a girlfriend

That’s why I’m going to give you 3 secret ways to get her out on a date – and probably a whole lot MORE from her.

HOWEVER – I need to warn you that I’m going to explain some really ninja stuff here. So if you’re against using any kind of mind games with women, you might want to move on.

We’re going to get serious and straight to the truth.

If you want some wishy-washy nonsense about “just act confident” – this isn’t for you.

Secret Strategy 1: Keep your head in the game

Your mind needs to be relaxed and clear when the time comes to finally ask her …