6 ways you can tell if she is faking an orgasm

“What about the breathing, the panting, the moaning, the screaming? Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake!”

Pretending to experience an orgasm in order to stroke your partner’s ego is called DECEPTION. Faking an orgasm usually involves gradual body movements such as the arching of her hips, soft to loud “bad acting” verbal sounds such as “yes yes” and “ohhh”, and doing all the activities related to an actual orgasm.

Yet before listing the signs to watch out for, let’s examine the reasons that drive women to fake orgasms.

Reason #1:

Research and surveys clearly state that men’s feelings are the # 1 reason why women fake orgasms. If they perform terrible in bed, are not able to satisfy their female partners, so their lovely spouses put on an “Academy Award show” for the sake of their men’s itsy bitsy feelings.

Reason # 2:

This is not breaking news but men are considered to be in the mood to have sex more times in a day than women and therefore, due to this fact, men coerce and sometimes emotionally force their female partners into having sexual intercourse.

And because of somewhat hilarious factors such as “well, the dinner was good”, “he did rub my feet for me” or “I’m sleepy.. what can I do to get this over with quick”, women tend to fake orgasms during such instances to convince their male partners that they were in the mood and also wanted to have sex.

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Reason 3:

Remember how most sex takes place in your mind? Emotional comfort is extremely important during sex, especially for women. Some of us encounter huge difficulties to fully relax during sex with a new partner, even though he is performing well. To not show that we feel insecure in bed, we often prefer to fake orgasm.

How you can tell if she’s faking or not?

Sign 1 : Involuntary muscle contractions.

An involuntary muscle contraction refers to sudden jerking or clinging of a muscle or group of muscles. These types of muscle spasms cannot be controlled. A good example of an involuntary muscle contraction is shivering when you are cold.  Your body is trying to produce heat and defend itself from the elements.

If your woman is actually having an orgasm, her involuntary muscle contractions will include the curling of her toes as they try to grasp the sheets or beads of sweat on her forehead or the clutching of her hands to you and the bed or the uncontrollable trembling of her lips or on rare occasions, her eyes rolling in the back of her head.

However, the most observable muscle contraction is her vagina. While you are in her, you should be able to feel the physical changes of the vagina. These are things she cannot hide or fake!

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