Explosive strategies to make her desperately desire you

What’s the difference between sleeping with someone you’re attracted to…

..and sleeping with someone you’re TOTALLY INTO?

Plenty, and the latter is what you should aim for.

That’s because people who have sex but are merely attracted to each other won’t want anything else after the fact.

In other words, there’s NO REAL connection present and that means you’re going to be awkward around each other outside the bedroom.


And that’s not what I want for you.

To really make a girl crave you inside out (and not just certain parts of your anatomy), you’ll need to create that genuine SPARK that’ll make her come back for more.

But how can you trigger this insatiable desire that’s inside every woman?

First, it needs to be done right off the bat. You need to plant those mental seeds within minutes of first meeting her; getting that leverage is your number one priority.

Attraction Mistakes 101

A lot of men mess up this crucial part because they have NO IDEA what to say to a woman to turn her on.

For instance, some guys think that it’s enough to relate to her on some level, like talking at length about something that they both like.

It’s nice to connect this way (anything’s better than getting rejected, right?), but focusing on this stuff isn’t going to cut the mustard in the world of dating.

(Maybe it’s enough if you wanted to be just friends…but that’s not why you’re reading this, right?)

All it does is create a portal into that platonic friend zone that all guys dread. If you keep on this let’s-be-harmless-friends path, that’s all you’ll get.

If you don’t take it up a notch after figuring out your similarities, she’ll see you as one of those guy friends she wants to have around, but NEVER sleep with.

Avoiding the Friend Zone

If you want to avoid getting pigeonholed into that safe, harmless category reserved for Average Frustrated Chumps, you’ll need to project a masculine presence.

It’s basic science: opposites attract, so your manly qualities will always appeal to her feminine side.

So how do you do that?

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