Explosive strategies to make her desperately desire you

Simple – you have to avoid doing anything she’d normally do with her girlfriends:

  • Shopping for cute clothes
  • Giving her style advice and reassuring her that her dress doesn’t make her “look fat”
  • Going over her family pictures
  • Giving her advice on how to get over her an old flame (!)

All of these will extinguish the flames of your manhood, rendering you practically sterile. You need to AVOID getting into these situations, or at times, flat-out refuse invitations of this nature.

What you need to do is pull a dating judo move and set yourself apart from her girlfriends.

For example, don’t be terrified of the possibility that you won’t see everything the same way. You’re two individuals, so differences in worldviews are expected.

But don’t act fazed when it happens. If she says something that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable with, don’t be afraid to let her know if she asks what you think.

As long as you’re diplomatic about it, don’t come off as judgmental and avoid harsh language, there’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree with her.

If you just nodded to everything she said, it’s not going to impress her. After all, women aren’t into spineless guys who are too afraid to think for themselves.

Pushing the Envelope

Oh, and here’s one other thing you shouldn’t be afraid of: using playful humor and making jokes with her.

Her platonic friends (who secretly want to sleep with her) wouldn’t dream of sounding politically incorrect by risking any humor. They’ll just keep feeding her ego, and make her feel good with compliments about her looks and so on.

This “safe” path leads NOWHERE.

As for the Alpha Guy? He’s busy creating romantic tension with his jokes to get her laughing and loosen her up to his charms.

He doesn’t see the point in pretending that he (or the girl he’s talking to) doesn’t have the capacity to have romantic feelings. It’s a reality of life, and he embraces this fact with the way he approaches women.

When you walk up to a girl, find something funny to say about what’s around you. If she’s helping you choose a TV at the electronics store, tell her you don’t want the one with the screen as a big as a wall because your “chiropractor is gonna have a field day” with all the neck injuries you’ll sustain.

Once you create that shared bubble of humor, she’ll never consider you as one of her platonic buddies.

Also, try making a comment about a situation you’re both in, like:

“Boy, the teenagers in the next aisle are gonna make this bookstore rich with the way they’re gushing over those Twilight books! That Stephanie Meyer is sure on to something, don’t you think?”

As for those girly activities? Screw that – be the one to ask her on a date so it’s on YOUR terms.

And when you do, make sure you have a DEFINITE plan in mind.

Don’t make some vague, half-baked scheme where you leave it to her to make plans for you. Know what you want and GO FOR IT.

Tell her what you want to do and where to go. Give her a couple of options, but for the most part, you need to come up with the time and places to meet.

Quality women are empowered, independent and smart as a whip. If you want to be in their league, you’ll have to “push back” a little.

Sucking up to her does not make you an intellectual equal. Like it or not, these women are going to look for your limits, and if you can show them you’re not intimidated, she’ll respect you for it.

So that’s what Alpha-ness essentially boils down to: a personality that projects irreverent humor, confidence, and balanced with a good dose of basic manners.

Once you achieve this balance, you’ll never have to go through the friendship route to get into her heart.

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Stay Alpha…

– Carlos Xuma

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