Why Guys Keep Getting ZERO Results – Are You One of Them?

When was the last time you FAILED with a woman? How did it feel when you realized that you’ve PERMANENTLY ruined your chances with her?

Most guys aren’t aware that once they’ve committed certain attraction-killing mistakes, a woman will NEVER see them in any sexual light whatsoever…

…no matter hard they try to CONVINCE them otherwise.

And you’ve probably made these same mistakes before and didn’t even know it.

So as you told yourself things will be different “this time”, you kept getting mediocre results over and over again.

I feel your frustration, and I’ve been there myself. And I’ll share a little truth I’ve learned from hard experience.

It’s a profound realization I’ve had which has helped me date some of the hottest, high-quality women that’ll make your jaw drop.

The cold, hard fact is that these attraction killers fly over most men’s heads, making them totally oblivious to why women LOVE shooting them down.

The good news is that I’ve figured out what they are…

…and once you’ve learned to AVOID these mistakes, you’ll finally climb out of that dateless hole – starting TODAY.

Win With Women

I can help you make that happen, but first I need you to understand another truth about women.

You see, attraction is NEVER an active choice that they make. It’s either a woman feels that bone-deep, primal lust for you – or NOTHING at all.

You’ll know you’ve fallen into the latter category when she uses these lines on you:

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You’re really cute…you remind me of my brother.”

“My boyfriend likes that band too!”

“Thanks for the drink, I need to go back to my friends now.”

“Get lost.”

What that means is that you need to get around her LOGICAL defenses in order to make her like you. There’s NO WAY she’s going to tell you, “Well, based on everything you’ve told me, I’d say sleeping with you is the right choice!”

Remember, women don’t operate on conscious reasoning when they decide to have sex with a guy.

There’s only ONE way to make a woman feel that uncontrollable urge to rip your clothes off and throw you on her bed…

You need to reach a subliminal trigger deep in her mind BEFORE she’ll even consider you as boyfriend material.

Once you’ve flipped this LUST SWITCH in her brain, only then can you get around that wall she’s put up.

It’s that same wall that countless men have run into headfirst, again and again. But starting TODAY, you don’t have to be like those other guys.

The women you’ve dreamed of dating are just waiting for you to knock down that floodgate of desire within them.

And I’ll show you how to do it step by step, thanks to a system I’ve spent YEARS working on. It’s a completely mapped out method that will help you find that tripwire in every woman’s head.

This is the same trigger that guarantees an explosive response from women, every time. It’s all about learning a SECRET combination of words, hidden in plain sight.

Yet, when you use these seemingly innocent words, you’ll instantly turn the tables on women and have THEM begging you for your time and attention!

I’ve already helped thousands of other guys get the woman of their dreams, and I want to do the same for you.

Unlearn all the BAD stuff you’ve picked up over the years and enjoy REAL success with women starting NOW.

Lust Response

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