Are you killing your Inner Game?

Have you ever watched one of those slasher flicks where the characters are obviously walking into a death trap, but don’t know it?

I’m talking about classics like Friday the 13th and Scream, and you just want to yell at them so they don’t the spend the night in that creepy cabin in the woods, or wander off alone to “check on that noise”.

And sure enough, that ax-wielding dude picks them off, one by one.

It’s frustrating as hell. It’s kind of like how I look at a lot of guys – and the way they lay waste to their dating lives without even knowing it.

In particular, I wanted to point out a couple of typical attitude mistakes that I see all the time, like a bad movie cliché.

Learn the Importance of Getting It Together

Ok, this is actually an area of your life that isn’t directly related to dating, but still needs to be sorted out. Otherwise, your ability to attract women will suffer.

I’ve seen plenty of men who don’t make their lives work for them, and it affects their dating lives as well. For instance, there’s this one guy I know who would always spend too much time trying to meet women and end up missing work the next day.

Instead of putting his foot down and learning when to call it quits, he’d hit on women all night and let the other parts of his life suffer. This is a harmful habit because he’s letting other people dictate his schedule, and it makes for a bad impression on women.


Beware – this sloppy attitude also manifests itself in other ways:

  • Letting your gym membership run out
  • Being late to appointments
  • Flaking out on people
  • Not managing your personal and work hours properly
  • Not following through on your promises
  • Making impulsive decisions instead of thinking them through

This is why you need to put a stop to it before it becomes a cycle that feeds on itself. I know guys that feel bad for not doing something about it, then go out on dates with a negative vibe, making things even worse.

And when you’re convinced that you’re no good around women, you’ll shuffle into life, thinking it’s pointless to try at all.

But these are nothing more than mental weeds that you need to uproot from your mind so they don’t cloud your thoughts.

To do that, read up on motivational and/or self-help material to break out of your funk. Once you start taking control of your life in general, your dating life will follow.

But remember, do it for yourself whether you’re single or not. Attracting women is simply a side effect of an improved attitude.

Don’t make women think, “How can this guy be anyone’s boyfriend if he can’t even manage his life properly?”

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