Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls That Give You Their Number

Dozens and dozens of guys ask me for pick up lines to use on girls. They ask me about good pick up lines that give them a girl’s phone number and the don’ts…

And you know what?

Not only am I tired of being stalked about pick up lines to use on girls almost every single freaking day on Facebook, MySpace, and in my email inbox… but I also want to settle the score once and for all.

There are so many myths about what good pick up lines are and what bad ones are out there that it confuses lots of guys who want to learn how to meet more women. Who knows, maybe all the gossip, bullshit, and myths around pick up lines has confused YOU too. It’s time for that to change.

It’s about time you get a handful of pick up lines to use on girls that almost always work… and I promise you: you will be surprised about what actually works!

Let’s beat the crap out of this topic, shall we?

The Two Myths Around Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Some people say that good pick up lines need to be original. Some say that they never work. And then some say they need to be funny like this one:

Should good pick up lines be funny or not?

But there are two much older myths surrounding pick up lines that have been around since day one and they need to be dealt with.

First I’d like to briefly mention them… and then we’ll take a look at each myth in greater detail…

Here we go:

1) There are pick up lines that work on ALL women = NOT true
2) Pick up lines are all about what you say, not HOW you say it = NOT true

Myth #1: There are pick up lines that work on ALL girls

Every girl on the planet has a different history, was raised in a different way, looks different from all other girls, and so on. No two girls are the same, which is why good pick up lines may work well on girl A while they absolutely fail with girl B.

And even if you have pick up lines to use on girls that are about say, a girl’s looks, so those you could use on almost ANY good-looking girl?

There’s no guarantee those lines will work, because girls are emotional creatures. Their moods can change faster than you can put on your socks in the morning. The same pick up line you now fail with could very well have worked an hour from now, because the girl is in a bad mood right now.

So forget about lines like how heaven is missing an angel, that she’s a thief because she stole your heart, the lines about if she believes in love at first sight. These aren’t good pick up lines but the WORST damn lines ever! They don’t work, unless you make fun of them… but more on that later…

Moral of the story: don’t give pick up lines too much power. They’re not that powerful. You use them to break the ice with, but if they don’t work? You need something else to break the ice with!

Meanwhile, don’t get worried either. Because there’s a MAJOR clue to be found here about which pick up lines to use on girls. You will find out in the next couple of paragraphs, so keep reading…

Myth #2: Pick up lines are all about what you say, not HOW you say it

Another BIG misconception surrounding good pick up lines is that they are just that: a line of words you use to pick up girls. Single guys all over the planet believe that good pick up lines work because of what they freaking say.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! You see, pick up lines work based on HOW you say them. In a way, they’re just like jokes. You can screw up even a really good joke by timing it all wrong. Same thing with pick up lines to use on girls.

I can almost hear you think: “Yeah you’re just saying that… but where’s the proof? And does it mean all pick up lines are more difficult then because I also have to think about how to say them?”

Here’s the juicy secret of how to get with a girl no matter how lame your pick up line: next time you go out to meet girls, use a random pick up line on a girl. Pick one, no matter how cheap or cheezy it is. Hell, use the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard. And when the girl reacts in a negative way?

Simple tell her to wait right there, walk 5-10 steps away from her, then walk back to her and use another random pick up line. After saying your line, ask her which one was more convincing.

I’m willing to bet that the girl will giggle or laugh her ass off! Why? Because you just made fun of every drunk guy who tries to meet girls, every cheap pick up line alive today… and you were willing to risk being rejected for it.

This tells a girl one thing and one thing alone: “This guy is confident by taking such a big risk! And he’s fun! I like him!”

Moral of the story: thinking of HOW you say good pick up lines makes your job of meeting girls a whole lot easier, because it allows you to correct mistakes you make. It’s way more fun too.

Just read the paragraphs above one more time: any pick up line that fails on you, can be easily corrected! Start correcting dude… because there’s no need to hurt your confidence because of pick up lines!

Examples Of Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls – Reversals

Before I tell you all about the why, what and how of reversal pick up lines… you need to know something important:

Reversal pick up lines as I call them work because you’re playfully teasing women with them. Playful teasing boosts the attraction because you show women you’re not impressed by their looks and not chasing them (like most men do). This makes you different from all other men and thus interesting.

Plus, with teasing you’re doing the exact opposite of chasing women: you’re challenging them to show you more than just looks.

Hell, with teasing you’re challenging women to prove to you that they’re worthy of chasing. In short: it’s playing hard to get… and women secretly love men who are hard to get!

Here’s a thought: “Would it be a good idea to use teasing in pick up lines to use on girls Carlos?”

Hell yeah it’s a good idea… and it’s a freaking brilliant Einstein-like idea if you use reversals!

Well then, now you know reversals (reversal pick up lines) are based on playful teasing, it’s time to discover how you can make a reversal… and it goes like this…

Commenting on a woman’s appearance, personality, friends or lifestyle by accusing her of being or doing the exact opposite of what she’s trying to be or do.

I can almost hear you think: “These reversal pick up lines sound difficult to use! Are these really good pick up lines to use on girls?”

Yes they are good… and no they’re not difficult.

They’re the easiest way to pick up girls I can think of… and it’s best if I give you examples of reversals so you will know they’re easy as can be too:

1) She: is a short girl, with short being anything BELOW your height

So you say: “I’m curious: how tall are you anyway? Be honest here: you need to duck 1000 times a day because all doorposts are below your height, right?”

This reversal pick up line makes fun of her height, because you and her both know she’s short as hell

2) She: is a girl who looks tired, bored, like she’s resting, etc.

So you say: “Wow! You look more awake than a cocaine junkie who’s spacing around all paranoid because of his white powder! What’s your secret?”

This reversal pick up line is just one of many reversals which are good pick up lines to use on girls. This one makes fun of the fact she’s tired in an over-the-top way, but you can easily use your imagination to accuse a woman of the opposite you’re seeing right in front of you!

3) She: is a girl at work who isn’t smiling, laughing, or having fun with customers or colleagues. In short: she looks like she’s not enjoying her job that much.

So you say: “You know what I see when I see you? The employee of the month! There’s no one who looks more enthusiastic about her job than you do! You won’t get another job for at least 50 years, right?”

This reversal pick up line makes fun of the fact that it’s a little too obvious that she doesn’t want to be there and would rather be home than at work.

4) She: is talking to a random person and says or does something dumb and realizes it (this happens more often than you’d think)

So you say: “Wow! Wow! That was really… intelligent. What was your natural hair color again? Super smart brunette, correct?”

This reversal pick up line capitalizes on anything stupid women say or do and indirectly accuses women of being blonde by saying they’re brunette after doing what they just did. Are you starting to understand how a reversal works? You see now that reversals are good pick up lines to use on girls?

If she’s short, you accuse her of being too tall. If she’s smart, she’s dumb and the other way around. If she’s tired, you say she looks like she just drank 5 Redbull energydrinks at once, and so on… and so on…

You accuse women of being the opposite you’re seeing in front of you and because of that you’re challenging them. This reversal idea allows you to invent your own pick up lines that will always tease and challenge women… and you need that to make a pick up line WORK. You need that to make a line create attraction.

This is such an easy way to meet women without much effort: by accusing them of being what they DON’T want to be… that’s all a reversal is! Reversals are some of the best kinds of pick up lines to use on girls…

And you want to know something funny? You don’t have to try out these pick up lines to know for sure that they work the best.

These reversals are good pick up lines to use on girls even if they DON’T work. Why? Because earlier on in this blog post I showed you how to make ANY pick up line work:

By walking away from a woman for a couple steps if it fails, turning around, walking back towards her, and making fun of another pick up line and ask if it had more effect.

There are not that many girls on this planet of ours that first dislike the line you used, ANY line… and then also dislike the fact that they realized you were making fun of bad pick up lines.

Women love to make fun of bad pick up lines, which is why you now have the power to make every pick up line known to man work…

I’m not a guy who likes to brag, but you have to agree with me here when I say: knowing this about pick up lines to use on girls is pretty awesome, right!?

One More Thing About Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls…

No matter how good a pick up line is… and no matter how long or hard you make women laugh or giggle with it? The story doesn’t end there, because you still need to get a girl’s phone number.

There is still something you need to do BETWEEN the effect of good pick up lines and getting a girl’s phone number…

So what is this thing you still need to do then?

Talk dude, talk. You need to freaking talk after a line! Why?

You still need to BOOST the attraction you created with a pick up line, before you can get a phone number. The good pick up lines only serve as something to break the ice with, but you still need to know what to say AFTER it or you will NOT get a girl’s phone number…

If you don’t know what to say after using some good pick up lines you will make a complete fool out of yourself. Because now the girl you used them on will expect to have more fun with you, but there you are… silent as an autist living in his own little world.

Not good! Do you want this to happen to you?

No? Yeah I thought so… so what’s the solution for NOT being an autist around women?

I highly recommend you check out my Inner Game newsletter immediately, because it shows you how to boost the attraction started by good pick up lines with your personality.

It’s an email newsletter with free tips about what to say to women, how to get a girl’s phone number, creating attraction, and more… so be sure to get these Inner Game tips so you get that phone number from a girl instead of making a fool of yourself!

Speaking of which: me personally? I’ve used pretty much all the good pick up lines I have ever encountered in my life. I have been using them for years and years, but I never got a damn date out of it most of the time!

Why? Because yours truly, Carlos Xuma, forgot that there is also some talking involved after you break the ice with good pick up lines. I’m giving you this advice because I fucked up quite a lot of conversations with women I could have dated…

Hell, some women even said “You made quite an impression when you first started talking, but the longer you talk the more boring and insecure you seem to get!” and other hateful crap.

What’s worse: I once had a women throw her drink in my face because she was so damn mad at me after I used a line.

Good pick up lines to use on girls dont stop wine incidents from happening!


She told me I was an asshole because I seemed to be so interested in her (because of one of my good pick up lines)… and then I seemed to be totally ignoring her (because I really didn’t know what to say!)

Like I said: you better come prepared and know what to do AFTER those good pick up lines… or women will walk all over your confidence or ruin your $50 dress shirt, like they did with me. Lol!

Hope you have fun with these pick up lines to use on girls…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Looking for more tips on how to improve your confidence... or how to approach women, oh so beautiful women? And do you want tips for how to create attraction as well? Then the tips inside my Inner Game Newsletter might be just what you need. Click here now to find out more!

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