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Is there even such a thing as a good pick up line? Yes there is, but good pick up lines are not what you think they are my friend!

Learn more about the overlooked secrets of pick up lines inside the blog posts below…

What To Say To A Woman – 7 Phrases That Make Women Hot For You

What To Say To A Woman – 7 Phrases That Make Women Hot For You

When it comes to talking to women, knowing WHAT to say is huge.

It’s probably the most common question I get from guys, in fact.

“What do I say to her?”

And it’s just as important to know how to talk to a girl in a way that gets her sexually interested in you.

Let’s start off with a few things you shouldn’t say to a girl:

DON’T SAY THIS TO HER 1: Overly personal questions…

Some guys jump right into a rapid-fire interrogation of a woman when they meet her. It’s not meant to be scary or weird, just curious.

But if you ask her a bunch of questions about where she lives, where she works, where she likes to hang out, etc, it can freak a girl out.

Remember, women are always sensitive and aware of the threat of possible sexual assault, so you have to be sensitive to this when talking to her.

DON’T SAY THIS TO HER 2: Complimenting her on her appearance…

There is a right way and a wrong way to bring up a woman’s appearance. Most …

Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls: An Unknown Secret

Everyone on the freaking planet has heard of cheezy pick up lines that never work on women, but you never hear about the good pick up lines. Until now…

I wrote about good pick up lines to use on girls in last week’s blog post, in which I busted the major myths around pick up lines, among other things. But while I wrote what I had to say, I got the feeling that the story wasn’t finished yet…

I forgot all about it AND good pick up lines, until today. Today on my way home in the train, this bodybuilder-like beast of a man seriously tried to pick up a girl… by asking her if she believed in love at first sight and if not if he should walk by again! I couldn’t believe he even tried his luck with that shitty line! That IDIOT!

It was almost as bad as this one:

There are good pick up lines, and then there are bad pick up lines like this one

And you know what? I puked a little inside my mouth. That’s how sickening the look on his arrogant face and the awkward silence that followed were… or maybe I’m just sick of the fact that men RUIN their chances with girls by using f*cked up …

Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls That Give You Their Number

Dozens and dozens of guys ask me for pick up lines to use on girls. They ask me about good pick up lines that give them a girl’s phone number and the don’ts…

And you know what?

Not only am I tired of being stalked about pick up lines to use on girls almost every single freaking day on Facebook, MySpace, and in my email inbox… but I also want to settle the score once and for all.

There are so many myths about what good pick up lines are and what bad ones are out there that it confuses lots of guys who want to learn how to meet more women. Who knows, maybe all the gossip, bullshit, and myths around pick up lines has confused YOU too. It’s time for that to change.

It’s about time you get a handful of pick up lines to use on girls that almost always work… and I promise you: you will be surprised about what actually works!

Let’s beat the crap out of this topic, shall we?

The Two Myths Around Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Some people say that good pick up lines need to be original. …