Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You

It’s tough to approach women. But when you do, you feel really good – like you just won the lottery!

Now, that’s you’re “closer” to her…what’s next? How do you keep the momentum going? Keep her interested in you?

Take a look at the article below. It has some really good stuff that will expand your awareness of “qualification” and pursuit in dating. This is stuff that is usually overlooked in the mainstream “feminized” media, so read it before some crazy special interest group gets it removed or something. 🙂

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

Title: Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You
– by Peter White

Let’s take two guys and one woman. And no I’m not talking about a threesome. The first guy is nice, accommodating, and generally lacks any real potential girlfriends in his life.  The second guy is also nice, but very busy, and has many potential girlfriends in his life.


Who’s more of a challenge?

Obviously the second guy is more of a challenge. But…

  • How can you be that challenge when you don’t have a black book filled of girlfriends to compete over you?
  • How can you be a challenge when you really like a girl and want to let her know, but everyone tells you that when a woman knows you like her too early on, she will lose interest?
  • When is it really safe to let a woman know you like her without scaring her away?
  • When should you let a  woman know you like her before she loses interest?

and finally…

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