10 Tinder Tips for Guys

There’s an online dating app that’s taking UK by storm called Tinder. It basically helps find your best matches on Facebook and you have the choice to “like” or not. If she likes you back then boom! Match made.

It’s pretty awesome. Check out the article below. It tells you all about it and what you need to do to prep up your FB.

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– Carlos Xuma


10 Tinder Tips for Guys

If you haven’t been exiled from modern society in the past six months, chances are good you know what Tinder is. If you’re a single millennial with a Facebook account and a smartphone, chances are really good you also have a Tinder profile.


If you have somehow managed to avoid any mention or usage of this dating app, here’s a little rundown. Tinder syncs up with its users’ Facebook accounts to find prospects. Users can flip through the mini-profiles of said prospects, which include first names and ages, and either “like” or “pass.” If, and only if, two people like each others’ profiles, then they are matched and can chat with one another.

With up to six photos, a quick bio, and a list of any mutual interests and friends from Facebook, Tinder users can quickly judge whether they’re interested or not…

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