Female Body Language: How To Know When They’re Interested

Most men have no clue of what female body language means. They really DON’T know when a woman’s interested in them. Let’s just face it:

The vast majority of men are unfortunately BLIND for all the opportunities presenting themselves all around them when we’re talking about female body language. They probably think body language works just like the image below:

Male and female body language at the beach

But female body language doesn’t work like that, which is why we as men are so bad at recognizing signs of interest. We think A, while it actually means B.

I already talked about this in my other blog post about the signs a woman is interested in you, but…

But it never hurts to see some more examples of how we miss out on important female body language signals, right? Here we go:

– We think she was just looking because she had to mind her step
– We think that she moves around while sitting over there because she’s an active, spontaneous kinda girl
– We think that she’s just doing her hair or playing with her hair because she wants to make sure it looks pretty…

But these are all signs she likes you! Hell, if you know a thing or two about female body language then you would know that a lot more women are interested than you think…

Women give SO much clues that they like you and would like to continue to the next step with you. Female body language is so obvious, that it just SHOCKS me how many fellas out there walk around being single for weeks, maybe even months or YEARS.

We always seem to think that it was “just a look” or “a normal thing to do for anything”…but nine times out of ten? It was a pure GREEN LIGHT, inviting you to come talk to her, or do MORE with her once you did…

They actually feel REJECTED when you don’t approach them after they gave you their “body clue”, and here us men are feeling rejected after one conversations that doesn’t end well! Women feel constant rejection, and it’s time for you to heal the wounds and let them know that you’ve noticed..

Here’s an advantage of noticing the opportunities too, think about it: if she signals you, she lets you know she likes you FIRST…so approaching her and getting the number is just a formality, you only have to make sure you don’t screw up and BORE her, come across desperate or shallow, and create attraction..

So I want to give you some female body language training, show you how WOMEN want you to know, so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity again…

P.S: I’m an average looking guy, far from Brad Pitt material and still I count around 20 female body language signals PER DAY when I just take the train to work, work, have lunch, work some more and go back by train…20 without even looking for it – maybe now you’ll know how MUCH you’ve been missing.

Female Body Language That Means She Likes You

– She’s looking at you longer than usual (studies have shown that it takes an average human brain LESS than half a second to see and recognize an object so we won’t trip over it or have a collission..so anything BEYOND that is her looking at you for a reason! Always look around wherever you are at to see who’s already looking, even online: the last visits page!)

– Prolonged eye contact (either establishing eye contact with someone already looking at you or looking at someone until they look back, again…the half a second rule applies)

– Since eye contact is so important, here’s another: if she looks at you and you at her, and she looks away? That’s not rejection, that’s her BEING SHY..being nervous about the sudden sexual tension

– She’s in the vicinity longer than usual (she stays juuust a little longer than usual ordering a drink or talking to someone near you, after her friends have already moved to another spot, etc. it means “here I am, take me now!”)

– She’s touching you subtly by putting her hand on your wrist or arm, pushing you or stomping you as to say “how could you! you’re mean” (pay attention: a lot of times, YOU are given signals of interest during normal conversation without even noticing it…)

– Here’s a juicy secret: I highly recommend you go out on to the streets or to a club or wherever with a girl you’ve befriended and ASK her which woman is interested in you, ask her to tell which signals she sees…you’ll be AMAZED, trust me. The people who can recognize female body language that means “I’m interested” are… OTHER women!

– She’s stroking, twisting or throwing around her hair near you (sign of interest, the body language way of hihi or you make me shy!)

– She’s got her legs crossed with the upper foot pointing towards you (clear sign of interest)

– She positions her body during conversation towards you as to say “I’m open to you”

– She leans in to talk to you

– She starts powdering her noise, doing her make-up otherwise or wetting her lips around you (even if she’s sitting in another row of chairs and facing you).

– She can’t sit still or stand still around you (she’s nervous around you because she can feel tension, sexual tension that is). That’s some obvious female body language that says “I like you, because I care about what you think of me so I’m getting nervous”

– She’s swallowing with her throat a bit TOO much around you (it’s like she ate something she can’t swallow, and it’s a CLEAR sign of nervousness, see above for why that is a good thing again)

– She’s fidgeting around with her hands, nails, feet, legs, etc. (again, nervousness). This female body language signal clearly means “I’m nervous about what you will think of me. What you think is important, because I like you…”

– She smiles back when you smile at her or even in her direction (she’ll only give a slight smile then – but it’s there)

– She waves back or at you or smiles when you wave at her

– If you raise your eyebrows twice as to say “how about you and me go do something..”, the naughty eyebrows or so-to-speak, and she smiles? You’re in!

– If someone else is telling someone about her when you’re around (and you too know each other vaguely, but not in that way), and she blushes? Chances are that she values your opinion

– If you two know each other vaguely and she approaches YOU to start a conversation about some very NOT important thing (women are nervous too, meaning that THEY will open you with small talk because they don’t know how else to do it…just as much as YOU did when you didn’t know)

– If she pays more attention to you than people need to asses physical danger and “what’s happening now curiosity”..meaning: you walk somewhere, sit your but down on some chair or bench or whatever somewhere or you leave somewhere and her eyes follow you in your movements? That’s not just seeing things my friend, and if she’s not your enemy (your ex, you had a fight etc. and she’s keeping an eye on you out of distrust)..then it’s interest (ESPECIALLY if you two don’t know each other – looking your way way more than once also fits this category) 

– You can check out Allan Pease’s book Body Language for more (download it on www.scribd.com for FREE, it’s like a library of female body language)

– Another tip: search for images with body language examples on Google! Here’s an example of what I found:

Check out this awesome female body language example


One More Thing About Female Body Language

Do you know how many places I pass through on any given day? AT LEAST 10: walking to the train, waiting for the train, in the train, walking from train to work, at work, outside during the breaks, walking to train, waiting for it, in the train, walking back to my place.

Really open your eyes and be CONSCIOUS about your environment next time you go out the door, make an effort of looking everywhere around you with no music or newspaper or whatever to distract you, pay close attention..and you’ll see… all the female body language that reveals plenty of women are interested in you!

Body language is not the be all, end all, but the whole purpose of this post is to make you realize that there are MORE opportunities for WARM approaches (where she already has an interest in you) out there than you think.

How to make sure you create attraction, to recognize manipulation and so on..now THOSE are subjects for another post. But for now? I hope you liked these examples of female body language!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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