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What Attracts Women

What Attracts Women – 5 Qualities Every Man Needs

When it comes to attracting a woman into your life, you have to have the right parts on display to engage her interest.

You can’t expect to lure a woman into your bed with your Magic: The Gathering card collection, or your life size Bruce Lee figure.

Too weird, dude.

(Though, I did hook up with a long term girlfriend by showing off my $150 Lamborghini Countach model… that’s a story for another time.)

The big problem is that most guys don’t know what REALLY gets women hot for a guy. If you ask a man, you’ll get either a man’s programmed response: “Money! Big wanker! Nice Car!”

how to get a girl to like you

Or you’ll get a woman’s programmed response: “Be funny! Be Confident! Be sensitive!”

Now, some of those are right. but not as much as you might think. In fact, the real answer is much more frustrating for a guy to hear…

But let’s clear out the “elephant” in the room right now… do you need to be rich to attract women?

How to seduce women

Being wealthy indicates power, security, comfort and even a certain amount of exciting energy. This is very attractive to women who crave all these feelings.

After all, there …

6 Body Language Confidence Signals – How To Create Attraction With Girls

It’s tough to be confident with girls when you suspect that maybe you’re not giving off a “confident” vibe.

If you suspect your own body is betraying you, how confident can you feel?

That’s why you need to know the secrets to decipher body language and know what signals are good – and which ones will mislead you.

How to seduce women

Most of the people that I coach on body language are mostly interested in flirting signals of the opposite sex. Most body language signals and clues are fairly obvious if you spend any time observing people.

However, the more subtle indications of interest and attraction can be missed, so we’ll go through a few of the most important body language signals you can read.

What’s her body telling you? Body Language Signal 1: Emphasis

Men and women emphasize different aspects with body language.

how to get the girls

Men try to appear taller, usually by sucking in their gut, and straightening up their spine.

Guys also try to puff up their chests. In general, guys try to highlight their muscles and stature.

On the other side, women emphasize their cleavage as much as possible.

Her chest is also a large part of her sexual

Why Guys Keep Getting ZERO Results – Are You One of Them?

When was the last time you FAILED with a woman? How did it feel when you realized that you’ve PERMANENTLY ruined your chances with her?

Most guys aren’t aware that once they’ve committed certain attraction-killing mistakes, a woman will NEVER see them in any sexual light whatsoever…

…no matter hard they try to CONVINCE them otherwise.

And you’ve probably made these same mistakes before and didn’t even know it.

So as you told yourself things will be different “this time”, you kept getting mediocre results over and over again.

I feel your frustration, and I’ve been there myself. And I’ll share a little truth I’ve learned from hard experience.

It’s a profound realization I’ve had which has helped me date some of the hottest, high-quality women that’ll make your jaw drop.

The cold, hard fact is that these attraction killers fly over most men’s heads, making them totally oblivious to why women LOVE shooting them down.

The good news is that I’ve figured out what they are…

…and once you’ve learned to AVOID these mistakes, you’ll finally climb out of that dateless hole – starting TODAY.

Win With Women

I can help you make that happen, but first I need you to understand …