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Explosive strategies to make her desperately desire you

What’s the difference between sleeping with someone you’re attracted to…

..and sleeping with someone you’re TOTALLY INTO?

Plenty, and the latter is what you should aim for.

That’s because people who have sex but are merely attracted to each other won’t want anything else after the fact.

In other words, there’s NO REAL connection present and that means you’re going to be awkward around each other outside the bedroom.


And that’s not what I want for you.

To really make a girl crave you inside out (and not just certain parts of your anatomy), you’ll need to create that genuine SPARK that’ll make her come back for more.

But how can you trigger this insatiable desire that’s inside every woman?

First, it needs to be done right off the bat. You need to plant those mental seeds within minutes of first meeting her; getting that leverage is your number one priority.

Attraction Mistakes 101

A lot of men mess up this crucial part because they have NO IDEA what to say to a woman to turn her on.

For instance, some guys think that it’s enough to relate to her on some level, like talking at length about something that …

Do you have “limitations”?

When it comes to natural limitations, I don’t like to encourage the view that they are “limitations.” Sure, we all have things about us we’d like to be more “ideal” or match some Hollywood expectation. But when you get right down to it, EVERYONE does.

For instance, most perceived limitations come in what I call the “visual variety.” All that stuff we’re told that we should have to be physically attractive to another person, like your musculature, your facial features, or even your hairline.


The one thing that most guys don’t realize is that we men believe that just because WE find women attractive (or not) based solely on appearance, that women are doing the same to us. The fact is that while we should maximize our *image* as much as possible, women are more attracted to our level of confidence and “dominance” when it comes to sexual attraction.

In many ways, this gives men the unfair advantage over women, since their genetics stamped them very early in life. For men, we can actually mold our sexual appeal by our behavior, which is what I’ve been teaching men how to do for over a decade now.

Think of Jack Nicholson. …

How do I know I’m in love?

You’ve been dating this chick for months, and she’s amazing! You smile when you think about her, and you want to be around her all the time.

But, there’s a part of you that’s confused.

You might wonder if this is really love. After everything that had happened to you, now you’re unsure, maybe even a little pessimistic.

How would you know if you’re really in love wit her?

Read this article, it has some good insights. And at the end, you’ll be thinking “Oh, THAT’s how I’ll know”.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

Title: How do I know I’m in love?

When people ask me, I always answer with a question, one that I learned from an old man. There is always an answer.


Eleven years ago, I was in the last throes of despair with my ex-wife. I didn’t much like her, nor she me. Within a year, we would be divorced. She was the kind who slept in another room — sometimes another room in a nearby city. Me, I gleefully flew off to Scotland on a moment’s notice. It was like that. We tolerated one another, and no more.

In matters of love, tolerance is …