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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 5 Hidden Signals

Interpreting a woman should be classified as a skill you can get your PhD. in.

I’ve been working on cracking the code of women and what they say.

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So how do you know if a girl really likes you, or just wants to be friends?

Does she want to date you? Will she be attracted to you?

I’ll give you a common pattern that guys experience:

– Guy talks to a girl, maybe gets her phone number

He thinks it’s ON!

– Guy calls girl, sets a date

– If he gets the date, she flakes or backs out

– Or if she goes on the date, he pays for a meal or some kind of event, and she just gives you a kiss on the cheek at the end…

And you’ll probably never hear from her again – no text, no call.

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You might wonder if you did something wrong, or if she was just a gold digging tramp who wanted a free meal…

Or if she just said yes to be nice and polite – but wound up wasting your time.

The truth is that you can save your time and energy – and emotions –

5 Easy Tricks For How To Impress A Girl

5 Easy Tricks For How To Impress A Girl

Tricking a girl? Really, Carlos… You’ve sunk to a new low…

5 Easy Tricks For How To Impress A Girl

Hey, I’m sure that a lot of guys think of tricks as manipulative and slightly deceptive. But they’re not if they start a conversation you might not have had before.

Or get you talking to a woman you might not have had the courage to approach.

A trick is a trick only when it works at the expense of someone. And nothing I’m about to reveal to you will hurt anyone.

Quite the contrary – it’s a win-win for both you and her.

These are all meant to be simple, no-cost methods of standing out to women.

Impress her – Trick 1: Get her attention.

If you don’t have her attention before you walk up to her to talk, you’re going to have to rely on a wickedly good first impression to grab her interest.

And I hate to break it to you, even the best looking guys make cruddy first impressions.

Here’s a little trick I learned that does wonders for making your initial conversation powerfully compelling:

– Make a big entrance

I don’t mean walk into a party or a bar and yell, “BOO-ya!” at the top …