How To Get Dating Tips For Free

Lots of men in these crappy economic times have asked me: “Carlos, how can I get some free dating tips? I don’t have any money to pay for ebooks or coaching!”

I was poor once too, so I want to help you get dating tips for free!


Especially during my vacation in Italy this summer I saw so much poverty. People living on the street. So many of them. Every damn street had at least 5 homeless people! It made me sad. And angry that no one helped them.

These bums had broken teeth, their clothes were torn apart. They smelled like they took their last shower 10 years ago… and no one helped them.

I was poor in the past, so I know. I know what it’s like to WANT something so bad but to NEVER get it because you can’t afford it. It makes a man desperate.

It made me realize that getting help with women and dating can be the same like living on the street: everybody CAN help you, but they don’t… because you don’t pay them. They don’t get anything in return, so why help? I don’t want to be like that…

That’s why I’m writing this blog today: to help you without expecting ANYTHING in return. If you can’t afford to pay for dating tips, I have some GREAT news for you…

You can get AND share free dating tips inside the Win With Women Community.


The what!?

The Win With Women Community, which is like a forum on STEROIDS. Check it out HERE

You can start topics and ask for help, give help by replying to topics and so on… just like on a regular dating tips forum.

The only difference is that those regular dating tips forums like Venusian Arts, Pick Up Artist Forum, the forum, and others stop there.

But the Win With Women Community? It goes further and helps you meet more women faster, better, more easily, and in a way that’s much more fun!

How Does The Win With Women Community Help You Better Than Those Boring, Lame, Dusty Old Forums Of The Past?

– It allows you to share questions, ideas, problems, and praise with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. You will be their hero for sharing all those secret dating tips about meeting women for free. That means at least 2 free drinks for you next time it’s boys night out!

– It allows you to get email updates when someone replies to a question, problem or idea you have. That means you DON’T have to wait for days or weeks until you can solve your problem with women… AND… you will know there is help waiting for you within hours!

– Whenever you have a question about women, dating, me, my products, or my coaching? You can ask it on almost every page of the Win With Women site! More and more pages now have Feedback buttons that allow you to get and share dating tips on the spot. Real easy.

And the list goes on and on…

But let’s take a step back. I have a simple but IMPORTANT question for you…

Don’t You Just Hate THESE Things About Today’s Dating Forums:

1) There’s no respect for beginners. No respect for guys who are just getting started with learning about women and themselves. Too many egos, too little help.

2) When you have a question for a dating guru? One of his “instructors” (slaves) answers it or someone else does. You almost never get a guru’s answers. How lame and gay 🙂

3) When you say something that goes AGAINST the opinion of a dating guru or share an idea that criticizes a guru? You’re banned and can never join the forum again. How insecure of him and frustrating for you!

I don’t think you need to accept ANY of this sh*t from other dating coaches, not even me if I should get a HUGE ego in the future. You want help from people like you, not people with their heads up their own ass, right?

The Win With Women Community is different than the old forums because I LOVE beginners who are starting to learn about women, me the dating guru personally answers as much questions as possible, and I NEVER ban you for having an opinion. I LOVE opinions!

So if you want to meet more women faster, more easily, while having lots more fun? Then the Community is the awesomest place for you to learn how to meet women. And remember: all that dating tips will be FREE.

So there’s really no reason NOT to become a member of the Win With Women Community. But I have to warn you: it’s not for everyone!

It’s only for guys that want to get AND share free dating tips with other guys and me. There’s no place for greedy bastards in my Community.

It’s also not for the weak or for men who easily cry: some feedback on problems may be confronting, but sometimes you need the brutal truth. Can’t handle it? Then never become a member!

But if you think you CAN share and get dating tips? If you think you CAN handle confronting feedback? If you think you deserve the honor of becoming a member?

Then become a member of the Win With Women Community by CLICKING HERE

Time for some questions I want to ask you. Please answer the questions in a comment. A comment only takes a minute of your time!

1) What do YOU think makes a good forum or community? What is your definition of a good forum?
2) What do you miss on the old and boring dating forums and pua forums that already exist?
3) Are you on any of the dating forums or pick up artist forums? Which ones?

And now I seriously need some f*cking coffee! Yes, I know, I am using lots of foul language today, but can you blame me?

I just got sick after getting home from vacation because the temperature difference was too large for ANY normal human being to deal with.

The vacation wasn’t all bad though: me and my girlfriend definitely set some kind of record for bedroom workouts, the culture there was awesome (the Vatican is truly impressive)… and the food?

Drewl, drewl! May I recommend gnocchi, fettucini, bucatini, and pizza diavola?

Anyways, I’m off to grab my cup of cocaine… uhh I mean coffee!

Enjoy the free dating tips inside the Win With Women Community and remember: we’re just getting started with this, so there will be more and more dating tips in there very soon!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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