3 Ways To Bounce Back From a Brutal Breakup

She packed her bags, gave a last, tearful speech and slammed the door shut. She’s gone from your life for good, and she may as well have torn out your heart before she left.

You’re sitting there, feeling numb from shock as you’re trying to process what just happened. After a while, a dam bursts inside you and the emotions start flooding you so fast you don’t know which way is up.

It’s ok, we’ve all been through this crap one time or another. Here’s how you can keep your head above water and see that light at the end of the tunnel:

#1: “Let it Hit You Like a Truck”

You’re feeling absolutely horrible right now, and you want to sift through the rubble of your failed relationship. Don’t – now is not the time to figure out what went wrong.

That part comes later. Right now, focus on just dealing with the all those emotions beating down your door.

Here’s my advice: let them in. It’s the first step of your healing process.


Comedian Louis C.K. once said that when you have those moments of sadness (which is what defines a breakup), you need to let those emotions wash over you and “let it hit you like a truck.”

Embrace the pain, disbelief, anger and every other negative feeling coursing through you. It’s all temporary anyway.

Once you let it pass through you like a bad burrito you had the night before, you’ll eventually get it out of your system. (Breaking up is a crappy deal – sorry for the graphic analogy.)

#2: Operation: Social Media Blackout

For the time being, purge your ex’s name from your phone’s contact list, Facebook account and any other site you’re on. Communicating with your ex isn’t the best move for either of you.

You’re both still going through the motions of grieving over the relationship, so neither of you are in the best state of mind to talk about it. Otherwise, it’s going set back the recovery process for both of you.

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