What Do Women Really Think About?

What is she really thinking? I bet you want to know. And who doesn’t?

Hell, sometimes SHE wants to know what she’s thinking.

Women are confusing and they don’t make things easy on guys.

Even Edward Cullen, the supposedly hottest vampire from the “Twilight” movies – who women drool over – would want to read Bella’s mind, the woman he loves – and it frustrates the hell out of him because he can’t.


A scene from a “Twilight” movie proves that:

Isabella Swan: Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking? So what you…you read minds?

Edward Cullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There’s…Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…And then you, nothing. That’s very frustrating.

The same thing happens in the True Blood series, where they give the WOMAN the ability to read men’s minds – which is a woman’s fantasy-come-true.

We asked a few women and here are some of the things they think about that you might find helpful to better understand the woman you want in your life.

WHAT SHE’S THINKING ABOUT: The first time you meet

The first time she sees you, she’s checking you out. Thinking “Is he hot? Can I date him?”

Then she sees you looking at her…. “He’s checking me out!”

You looked away… “I didn’t like you anyway”

You smiled…” Wow, he smiled at me! I wonder how he is as a boyfriend. I want to find out”



You are late … “ How dare is he! He’s 5 minutes late! What does he think of me? How disrespectful. Oh well, its okay. I can do better.”

You’re on time… “YES! I’m so excited. You’re here. I can’t wait for the rest of the night. You’re cute. Can’t wait to kiss you!”

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