3 Ways Women Manipulate Men

I just know this article will kick off a firestorm of controversy…

But I don’t care.

I didn’t write this article to enable a bunch of low self-esteem guys to have more reasons to dislike women, or to paint women in a negative light. Many women aren’t even aware they employ these tactics directly.

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In fact, there’s a whole bunch of women who DO know about them, and refuse to use them.

There’s a saying you might not have heard: “Female cunning surpasses male understanding any day of the week.”

I’m telling you this because you need to know that women aren’t always angels, and an innocent guy can get pulled into a rather unhappy situation if he doesn’t keep his eyes open when he’s out there dating.

I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t already know – BUT you might not know that this “man-ipulative” skill is something that is scientifically established.

Manipulation isn’t necessarily bad, by the way. It’s just that people don’t like to get played by others.

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And the fact is that manipulation is one of the most effective methods for getting you want out of life.

Let’s trace this back along evolutionary lines.

Women have never had the physical strength men do. They simply don’t.

And don’t you believe those silly Hollywood movies where Zoe Saldana kicks the ass of a man three times her size with “Waif-Fu.” (That’s the magical martial art that all these ridiculously small women in action movies use to take down guys that outweigh them 3:1.)

Yeah, there are some very strong women out there. But pound for pound, women don’t have the same kind of physical strength.

That’s not misogyny – it’s just the truth of the matter.

I still meet guys that think that female action heroes are totally believable – much less the male ones.

Now, over the tens of thousands of years that humans have been evolving, women figured out that they had another kind of power… something far more effective than physical strength.

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They discovered the power of social manipulation.

Take, for instance, the amazing story of Paris Hilton.

Did you know that she was a tomboy when she was younger?

And her voice is actually deep and husky?

That’s right – the woman you might peg for being a complete idiot is actually a lethal businesswoman. She’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars without relying once on her family’s Hilton Hotels fortune.

She’s smart, savvy, and a first-rate manipulator.

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This brings us to the first trick women use to manipulate men:

Women will raise the pitch of their voice when they’re asking for a favor or to convince a man to do something.

This raising of the voice makes her seem more effeminate, and more childlike – which elicits a response from almost all men.

Paris used this trick as a kid to get her parents to buy her pets.

If she really wanted something, she’d say: “Daddy, I really want this!” – and raise her voice to a high, sweet note.

If she got a boyfriend mad at her, she would say – in a baby voice: “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to.” This sweet talk would get every guy to forgive her almost instantly.

You see, acting childlike appeals to a certain fantasy in a man’s mind – and it works like crazy to get you to do what she wants.

(YOUR girl, that is. Not Paris. I’m assuming you’re not dating her right now.)

A high sweet voice evokes a feeling of youthfulness, innocence, and being unassuming.

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When used with a pet name for you, and the next two tricks, you don’t stand a chance.

This now brings us to the second trick women use to manipulate guys:

Women will act dumb and play on your “rescuer” drive to get you to do things for them.

Yes, guys – I know this one will be a shocker.

A lot of women put on that ditzy, airhead act – throwing the word “like” between every word – just to get you to think you’re the big strong MAN who can protect her.

She’ll sometimes slip in some praise for you to make you feel even more enabled and capable.

“Is my big strong man going to buy smoopsie another Appletini?” she says, pouting and looking like a lost puppy.

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One of the alternate ways a woman will look helpless to manipulate men is through crying.

Yeah, every guy cringes when she pulls out the big guns like that. It’s been shown that men literally have an instinctive reaction to a woman crying.

Just take note of how easily women go to tears, and how quickly men rush in – or give in – to make it stop.

There’s really only one way to stop that hot blonde from crying – especially if she means anything to you… and that’s giving in.

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I hate to tell you this, and I’m not trying to take a cheap shot here, but your mom probably has a PhD in using tears to get her way. Mothers know this trick best.

And finally, the THIRD trick women use to get you do what she wants:

She will touch you – in suggestive, but not sexual ways.

You may have seen a girl manipulate her boyfriend this way. Or just a girl who wants to work a few free drinks at a dance club.

What she’ll do is to find ways to slip in small demonstrations of affection for you. Just enough to give you a little hope that you might stand a chance with her.

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But if you try to act on what seems like romantic interest, she backs off and cools you off in a way that makes YOU feel like an idiot who misinterpreted her signals.

But she WAS giving them off, my friend. Oh yes.

Some of the ways she does this are to run her fingers through your hair…

Or maybe she’ll hold your hand for a few seconds to give you a thrill…

Or rub your back – sometimes using her nails a bit to make it more arousing.

She also knows that getting her head close to yours is a way to give you a surge of adrenaline – and hope. If she throws in a little eye contact with any of these, you’re as good as gone, my friend.

Women know the fine line between sexual touch, and suggestive touch. And she’ll use the latter to get you all hot and bothered, then conveniently go cold and disappear when she gets what she wants.

Keep in mind that culturally it’s accepted that women can touch men as they like, but it’s not like that for guys. We have to wait for the green light – and she controls that, too.

By the way – not that you need to verify this – I’m sure your common sense will tell you this is all dead-on true…

But if you need to see this stuff working, just go to ANY strip club in the world. You’ll see the girls using every sexually manipulative tool in the book.

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They need to do this to get you to buy their “wares” – the lap dance, the attention…

I took my friend down to San Francisco recently for his bachelor party, and his friends were amazed at my ability to shut down ANY stripper who was trying to game me – and I did it with one look and one short phrase: “Not right now, honey.

They saw the look in my eyes, the look that explained in no uncertain terms:

“Yeah, I see what you’re doing – and I’m not a sucker for it, sweat-pea. Move along.”

Now, truth be told, this is only 3 of MANY weapons of mass seduction that women use on guys. I’ll cover a few of the others in the future.

But for now, these are the Power Trinity of manipulative tricks that women pull out on a whim to get what they want.

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The real threat isn’t that she’s going to use them on you, though.


What’s more of a threat to you is that you’ll read this article, and you’ll even recognize when she uses it on you the next time…

And you won’t give a damn.

You’ll go along with it if there’s a chance – no matter how slight – that she’s going to sleep with you.

Hey, maybe she will… maybe she won’t.

But forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

Use this knowledge to stop yourself from getting played and used, because there are a lot of women who will take advantage of their sexual wiles. And they’ll take advantage of you.

So be smart – stay frosty…

And always be smarter than they think you are, as my good friend says.

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Here’s one way to stay ten moves ahead of them – it’s a course called The Bad Boy Formula, and it has several key strategies to make sure you’re always on top of your game.

While the three tricks we just talked about are the BIGGEST ones you have to watch out for, there are plenty of OTHER feminine traps you need to avoid too. Of course, my program has ALL of those covered so you’ll never fall flat on your face ever again.

Finally, date out of your league…

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