Interviews With Carlos Xuma

If you’re looking for Carlos Xuma interviews because you want to know more about me, my advice, what I stand for or the Win With Women blog? Then this is where you need to be!

Because right here, on the Carlos Xuma interviews page, you’ll find most of the interviews I’ve done over the years. Most of them are text-based and crammed with useful dating tips so I highly recommend you check them out… one by one…

I’ve given interviews to a diverse set of people: everything from pick up artists to women and from self help authors to business owners and magazines.

Plus, I try to emphasize different aspects of the dating game in each interview so you can always keep improving your life and your dating success with every piece of content (including interviews) that I put on the Win With Women blog. That’s why you need to check out ALL interviews haha.

Anyways, below you’ll find an overview of all the Carlos Xuma interviews I could find:

1) Carlos Xuma interview with Christopher
Chris, a self help author and good friend of mine, wanted to sit down and do an interview with me as part of his research for a new self help title he’s writing. Not only am I always willing to help my friends, I was also pretty excited to talk about the dating game from a self help point of view. And, in retrospect, I think we’ve done an amazing job to give you some stellar insights! Hint: look for the football metaphor… that’s ALL I’m saying…

2) Interview with Carlos Xuma by Joe
Joe’s a reporter for a major national business magazine who’s name I can’t reveal because of copyright issues and what not. In other words, I was not supposed to share these insights about dating with anyone but the magazine’s readers, but I felt like I HAD to share this info with you because you can learn so much from it. In the end, this was yet another awesome Carlos Xuma interview… but hey, I’m slightly biased because he is me and I and him haha.

3) Carlos Xuma interview with Peter and friends
Peter and his group of friends have been Win With Women fans for a long time now and when they mailed me a list of questions, begging me to answer them? How could I resist? They asked a lot of personal questions, so I think you’ll like all of the behind the scenes stuff I’m sharing in this interview. Enjoy!

So, what did you think of these interviews? Feel welcome to drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook about it as I would love to hear what kind of questions you’d like me to answer or what you missed in an interview.

Don’t worry, I consider all feedback (even negative feedback) as great feedback because I’m always trying to improve everything I do. That’s why you need to give me some feedback on these Carlos Xuma interviews alright?!

And if you feel like interviewing me, you’re more than welcome to see if I had enough coffee to stand your voice… just kidding man! Just visit the Contact Us page, send me an email, tell me what you’d like to talk about and who you represent, and we can see when we can schedule an interview.

By the way: you do know I also interviewed some dating gurus myself, don’t you? You can find them on the interviews with dating gurus page. There, you can check out some text-based and audio-based interviews with the likes of Adam Lyons, Derek Rake, and Carlos Xuma (among others).

Anyways, I hope you liked these Carlos Xuma interviews… and I’ll talk to you soon, because this coffee junkie is about to enjoy himself a big cup of the REAL black gold hehe.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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