True Inner Game

I´ve been away for a while (a couple of weeks)…away NOT as in chilling on some desolated beach with a boobie in my mind, but away as in exploring my deepest thoughts, insights and realizations I´ve had being in the game and did that together with a number of other highly respected PUAs. One of the realizations I had doing this, is this….Inner Game at it´s core is NOT your way of thinking!

Rule #1: There Is NO Such Thing As A “State”

When you first start with the game and are barely aware of what the game actually IS, YOU base your success on how you feel, a.k.a. your MOOD (emotions). Moods swing from day to day, hour to hour which is proven by your ups and downs `lifecycle` and letting your moods define your success means you´ll only know a current, a wave like pattern but it is never TRANSCENDING itself…no, it just goes up for -10 to 10, and than down from 10 to -10 without growth..PERIOD. This is what MANY in the community are experiencing when they’re asking “how do I control my state, because I feel…” WRONG! Your state of mind should never be subject to emotion, because than you’re easier to break than a twig…because even TWIG isn’t subject to emotion…

Rule #2: The Torture Of Thought…

Most of the “advanced” (I always say: define advanced?) gamers out there claim that Inner Game is the way you think, your perception of the world. In doing this, PUAs subject their success to the MIND. Sounds brilliant, but than they´re forgetting the fact that the mind makes assumptions (stereotype perceptions, i.e. limiting beliefs, generalizations of race, gender etc.), experiences stress and worry, OVER thinks things leading to doubts, inaction and possibly even ‘freezing’ (not being able to do or say anything out of nervousness), and the two most dangerous of all: it expects and it fills in the blanks. Expectations either lead to disappointment/rejection/failure by expecting too much OR to `too good to be true` type situations (wow she´s so great, than expecting more and getting disappointed at second base because there isn’t anymore) OR hurting her feelings (you’re getting used to a certain level of effort, time etc. on her part and when she doesn’t deliver…she’s all of a sudden bad, while it’s actually YOUR neediness that’s the real issue here). Filling in the blanks means wishful thinking, which basically is NOT seeing someone´s flaws, how they walk all over you etc. because you imagine it to be better than it is. In other words: basing success on this sucks TOO!

***NOTE*** But if you want to master your way of thinking (your “Inner Game”) to create an astonishingly powerful mindstate in which fears, insecurities and other bad habits don’t exist anymore…and in which you always know how to be attractive to girls, then check out my blog post on how to be attractive to girls.


Rule #3: Succes Minded Secrets?

I´ll tell you what pure, TRUE Inner game is…SUCCESS IS A WAY OF LIFE, A WAY OF BEING! Nine out of ten people who are rich today went bankrupt in the past (about half even NUMEROUS times) but found their way to riches again…why? Because it isn´t what they do that makes them successfull…it´s because they ARE success minded people. No matter what circumstances you put them in, they will amass riches (success) because they ARE. No matter WHO they talk to, where or why…they are exactly the same because they are being themselves…being AUTHENTIC. No masks, no fronts that they put up…it’s take it or leave it!

Now if you ONLY approach the really beautiful women out there (the “HB10s”) and forget alll about the average looking ones (“HB7s”) > that’s DOING something, not being something and when it comes to that: who says a woman is more valuable based on her looks? If she’s really handsome but a b*tch, I’ll prefer an ‘only’ cute but fun girl who does EVERYTHING for me any day!

This is why eventually developing your own unique style of seduction based on YOUR life is so important: if you’re a fisherman for example, you attract women by exploring the waters with them and telling stories of your adventures at sea (being fun as in exciting life), teaching them how to steer the thing and asking kisses in return (being challenging, kino), etc. I see WAY too many guys do it the other way around: base their life on seduction…but when your life IS seduction, this would mean that you would have NO life whenever you’re not meeting or seeing women. Simply put, that’s a very pathetic, sad way of life because it means you ultimately let women live YOUR life…instead of YOU steering it in the right direction. So don’t go and throw all your hobbies, passions and activities overboard for ‘the sake of the game’, because it means you’ll become a response junkie who immediately feels bad when NOT seeing or meeting women = although you know all your shit, you’re still a LOSER. You should continue doing your hobbies and so forth while also being in the game, because whenever ‘she’ is busy? Your life revolves around YOU and not around women…and I believe indifference, ambitions etc. were attraction generating qualities in a man?

Inner Game is NOT how you feel about things, and NOT even how you THINK about things…it’s about being SUCCESS CONSCIOUS when it comes to women!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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