Meeting Women Is All About Natural Innocence

I wanted to share this particular forum topic of mine with all of you readers out there, because I think it can mean a GIGANTIC shift in your state of mind.
So…do you dare to join the large fellas?

What IS Natural Innocence?

A man is in a state of natural innocence when he acts without design, trickery or clever routine. His inner nature will cause him to act authentic under all circumstances if his mind is not corrupted by calculated self-interest. His ‘expertise’, is intuitive and unintentional, because it is the open and automatic expression of his inner self, not his conscious mind. The VERY moment he begins to calculate his actions towards outcomes, personal advantages and rewards, innocence ceases to exist. When man’s nature is overridden by his desires and his inner spirit stifled by ambition, he DESTROYS the natural purity of his humanity and becomes capable of all kinds of fronting, masking, fear based responses, lying. And when he finally manages to completely silence his inner voice of innocence, he becomes totally corrupted, for his mind can devise all kinds of justifications for his own self-centered ways. But if he retains his innocence and keeps his spirit pure, it will guide him in all his actions and bring him MASSIVE success. He will experience the certainty of one who know what is right and what is wrong without having to make mindboggling moral analyses.

For the innocent mind embraces each moment in itself. It enjoys the task before it, without looking always to the attainment of some future goal or the accomplishment of some eagerly sought milestone. The man of pure nature does the best he can in the present moment, and leaves future outcomes in the hands of the universal powers that determine such things. For him, it is enough to be intensely engaged with this moment’s task. By thus doing his part and trusting the universal powers to do theirs, the man finds success and fulfillment.

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A man endures, not by remaining static, but by encompassing MOVEMENT and progressive activity. The universe in itself is in a constant state of change and a man must also change just to keep up. If he attempts to endure by standing fast and unmovable, he would in fact fall behind as everything else moves beyond him. Therefore, he does not try to restrain himself to one particular position in order to endure. Instead, he adapts to the times and remains in a constant state but CONSISTENT renewal. This renewal does not indicate change dictated by outer circumstances, but change that is directed from within IN RESPONSE TO the outer circumstances. If a man is flexible and open to new ideas, the meanings of his efforts endure even in the proces of adaptation, and it is through this kind of consistent endurance that we can understand the nature of all things that endure in time.

Draw your own conclusions, because I know I’ve drawn mine just by stating this…discussion is MORE than welcome, if you dare.

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Carlos Xuma
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