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50 Examples Of What To Text A Girl

Sure, there are lots of blog posts on what to text a girl, but none that reveal 50 things to text a girl AND why they create so much attraction, until now!

And before I give you this incredibly long and pretty awesome list of what to text a girl in specific situations, I just want to say that these are guidelines. These aren’t rules you MUST follow dude…

Because you don’t have to use ALL my examples of what to text a girl to GET the girl. Just experiment, see what works best for you, and keep doing what works.

And secretly?

I want to show you WHY all of these examples work so well, so you can invent many more yourself and become a rock star of texting girls. But more on that later…

Let’s check out some examples of what to text a girl already!

What To Text A Girl When You’ve Just Met Her

When you’ve just met her it’s important to keep the attraction going. To keep her interested.

What does that mean when it comes to what to text a girl?

It means challenging her, teasing her, being picky, being mysterious, being hard to …

7 Secret Tips For Texting That Attract Girls Like Crazy

Everyone can give tips for texting things that girls like, but today you’ll get tips for texting things that girls LOVE and most guys don’t know about.

Because today I’ve got some tips for texting girls for you that guys who are incredibly successful with texting (guys like players and dating gurus) would hate to share with you because they make the dating game a hell of a lot easier.

I had to stalk some of those womanizers to get these tips for texting for you…

But it was worth it because don’t you, too, want to make the dating game a hell of a lot easier for yourself by making texting girls so easy a baby could do it?

In short: move over amateurish tips for texting that you can easily come up with yourself. Make room for pro tips from insiders that you won’t find anywhere else…

Tips For Texting: Right Click, Save As…

Learn below why some tips for texting are worth saving!

Most people who want tips for texting don’t realize that what they say makes texting “difficult” is also it’s greatest advantage:

It’s text-based.

Sure, you only have text to attract girls with… where you have your body language, eye contact, your voice tone, clothing …

The Art Of Sending Flirtatious Text Messages

Want to learn how to send flirtatious text messages to women? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the basics of sending great text messages now.

Look, I can sit here all day and give you examples of flirtatious text messages you can send to women, but what’s the use if you don’t know the basics of sending text messages that attract?

In other words: why learn WHAT to send as flirtatious text messages when you don’t know HOW to send them, WHY, and WHEN?

I mean, do you want to send some text messages to a hot chick, make her want you, and then ask her out on a date and have a great time?

If so, then keep reading below to find out more about the how, why, and when of sending flirtatious text messages.

How To Send Flirtatious Text Messages

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a long time now and are thinking to yourself: “will he repeat techniques he mentioned before in this blog on flirtatious text messages?”

Then the answer is NO. I promise you you’ll learn a bunch of new stuff!

And if you never been here before then ever better: …